Friday, March 13, 2015

On March 13 1868 Impeachment Proceedings Began Against President Andrew Johnson

On March 13, 1868, the impeachment trial of President Andrew Johnson began in the United States Senate.

The President Summoned to Appear at the Bar of the Senate
His Counsel Ask for Forty Days to Prepare and File an Answer on the 23d of March
The Trial Ordered to Proceed Immediately Thereafter
Speeches by Messrs. Stanbery, Bingham, Butler, Nelson, and Others
Special Dispatch to The New York Times
Washington, Friday, March 13 - The supreme majesty of the law and the power of this republican Government was illustrated anew to-day by the fresh scenes and proceedings in the great trial of impeachment. The business-like, almost matter-of-fact manner in which the Congress of the United States proceeds with this grave work is the most striking illustration of the innate love and reverence for law and order that characterize the American people. The numerous intelligent representatives of foreign nations who looked upon the proceedings of to-day must have been again impressed with the feeling that a nation than can without the ruffling of a single temper, or the trembling of a single interest, calmly address itself to so great an event as the trial of its Chief Executive, must be well-entitled to the proudest position upon the face of the earth. Read More at New York Times