Friday, March 13, 2015

Maricopa County Republicans LD24 and LD28 Fun Awards Night

It was fun night spent with Republicans who had put aside their policy difference and were enjoying each other's company. Frosty Taylor received a special award.‘For Dedicated Service Above The Call!who is the MCRC Briefs editor from LD13. A well deserved award she has been rolling out the briefs keeping Republicans informed
LD24 Chair Ken Bennett, LD28 Chair Vernon Parker, Scottsdale mayor Jim Lane
Via: MCRC Briefs About 80 PCs from LDs 24 And 28 gathered at Vincent’s on Camelback last night for the presentation of  “fun” awards to some of their precinct committeemen. Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane present awards to LD24 Chairman Ken Bennett and LD28 Chairman Vernon Parker. In addition to recognition certificates, Bennett also gave each award winner a Copper coin one side in color with the SOS name and emblem and on the flip side is the State of Arizona Seal in Copper.

ü  LD 28 Awards signed by Chairman Parker were presented to Bernard Kirk, Jeanette Kirk, Randy Pullen, Elaine Gangluff, Ephram Cordova,  Rep  Kate Brophy McGee, Former US Congressman Ben Quayle, Hon.  Mary Hamway, Lisa Parker, George Garbell, Shawnna Bolick, Shannon Barthelemy, Rick Smith, County Recorder Helen Purcell, Scott O’Connor, Lori Galvin, Travis Junion, Henry Hyde, Walter Dudley, Tom Haney,  Karen Green, Michael Green, Russ Warner, Scott Celley, Roger Marce, Vicki Marce, Karrin Taylor, John Anson, Arizona Senator Adam Driggs, Lenore Driggs, Gail Driggs, John Owens, Norris Nordvold, Frank Rivera, Mary Fish, Charlotte Reed, Susan Shepherdson, Sally Geyer, Bill Cheatham, Debbie Cheatham, Carolyn Berta, Matt Morales, Hon. Pam Kirby, Kim Hartmann, Hon. Jini Simpson, Robert Bogart, John Jarvis, James Ashley, Mac Magruder, Lynn Hopkins, George Teegarden and Barbara Espinosa, celebrity blogger from LD23.

ü  LD24 Awards signed by LD24 Chairman Bennett were presented to Carol Crockett, Wendy Anderton, Heather Ayres, Hon. Barry Wong, Armand Verdone, David Ludwig, Jinny Ludwig, Martha Ludwig, Carole Joyce,Arizona Corporation Commissioner Susan Bitter Smith, Paul Smith, Tristan Manos, Kathy Evans, Rep Tony Rivero, Travis Redwineformer Californa Congressman Barry Goldwater, Jr.,  Joe Abate, Michael Rubinoff, George Cuprak, Brian Kaufman and a special ‘For Dedicated Service Above The Call!’ Award to Frosty Taylor, Briefs editor from LD13.  
Others in attendance included  Patricia and Jasper Hawkins, Clint Bolick, Joel Barthelemy, Eveline Hyde, Marty Spouse, Robin Owens, Paul and Rita Barnes, Donna Smith, and Shiree Verdone.