Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahuand the 5 Badass Things You Should Know Before You Try To Intimidate Him

Prime Minister of Israel addressed Congress in the midst of immense political controversy.
But before anyone thinks that political pressure is going to intimidate Netanyahu, they should remember where he came from.

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1. Netanyahu is a war hero.
The Prime minister fought in three wars for the State of Israel. He enlisted in the IDF at the age of 18, volunteering for an elite commando unit named  Sayeret Matcal.  Bibi would go on to serve six years in the IDF, retiring as a Captain.
2. He has taken bullets for his country. Bibi was deployed on many extremely dangerous special forces missions throughout his career. He fought on the front lines in the Yom Kippur War and was nearly killed in the Suez Canal.  He was shot in the shoulder during a daring rescue of a terrorist hijacked plane in 1972 and has been wounded in battle twice.
3. His family has paid the highest price for Israeli freedom.
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Bibi’s brother Jonathan Netanyahu (pictured above) died when rescuing 100 Israelis held hostage on a hijacked flight by Palestinian and East German terrorists.  Jonathan was awarded the Medal of Distinguished Service by the IDF. In commemoration of his brother, Bibi started the Jonathan Institute to raise awareness and combat of international terrorism.
4. He’s damn smart.
He studied at both MIT and Harvard, eventually earning dual degrees in Management Studies and Architecture.  He was recruited by Boston Consulting in 1976 — eventually working alongside Mitt Romney — with whom he became personal friends.
5. Netanyahu is one of the most successful politicians in Israeli history.
He has held these positions since entering Israeli politics:
  • Deputy Chief of Mission, Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC (’82-’84)
  • Ambassador of Israel to the United Nations (’84-’88)
  • Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs (’88-’91)
  • Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office (’91-’92)
  • Chairman of Likud, Leader of the Opposition (’93-’96)
  • Prime Minister (’96-’99 & ’09-present)
  • Israeli Foreign Affairs Minister (’02-’03)
  • Israeli Finance Minister (’03-’05)
  • All around badass (1949-present)

And Netanyahu has now addressed Congress as many times as Winston Churchill. So, just remember that when trying to intimidate this bro.