Friday, March 20, 2015

Hair on Fire News Talk Radio/Bruce Ash-Jew Hatred Audio

For over half a century memories of The Holocaust had mostly eliminated overt anti semitism in America. Oh sure….. there’s  been under lying social anti semitism but few signs of “in your face” hatred …….until the last five years or so.

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For the past decade , however , Jews living in Europe have faced increasing intimidation and violence which has now culminated in deadly attacks throughout the continent  from France to Sweden.

Even iconic Holocaust figure Anne Frank previously romanticized by post WWII European culture is now  subject to graphic  slurs spray painted on walls in former Jewish ghettos screaming……”Anne Frank is a liar!!"For Jews in Europe….. more and more have been immigrating to Israel inspite of credible threats by Iran and IS to wipe out the 6,000,000 Jews living there.

As was the case prior to WWII Jews are running out of places to escape. Today more than half of all British Jews say “they have no future" in The UK.

In America anti semitism is thriving on many college campuses today ensconced within the intellectual class as well , as some believe , in The White House.

Ironically, in America today calling someone a “dirty Jew” or “filthy Kike” may be more socially acceptable than using the N word.

How long will it be before Jews in America are exposed to European style violence ? Once that happens Jews will not be welcome any where in the world and then who’s next?