Friday, March 13, 2015

GOP lawmakers should revolt against budget process by Robert Robb

Rank-and-file Republican legislators need to revolt against Gov. Doug Ducey and legislative leaders over the state's budget process. 
PNI State of the State speech marks opening day of Legislature
The current process is humiliating, demeaning and disrespectful to them. And it is a monumental disservice to the state; The budget is the state's most important and fundamental annual governing document.

A government is, in significant respects, what it spends money on. As Alexander Hamilton put it in Federalist No. 30: "Money is, with propriety, considered as the vital principle of the body politic; as that which sustains its life and motion and enables it to perform its most essential functions." All legislators are equally elected.

Yet, on the most important governing decision, all but a few are reduced to bit players, beggars and corrupt bargainers. This budget was negotiated between the governor and legislative leadership. It was then sprung on the body with intense political pressure on the Republican rank-and-file to pass it quickly. Deals on the margins were possible. Otherwise, Republican lawmakers were presented the option of going along or inflicting severe political damage on Ducey and the leadership by rejecting the budget. Read More at: AZ Central