Tuesday, March 10, 2015

AZ State Senator Hobbs Says I choose Arizona families: Republicans Budget Continues corporate and Special interest giveaways

Early Saturday morning in the dark of night, Republican leadership passed a budget that shifts Arizona's financial burden onto Arizona families and continues corporate and special interest giveaways.
While cutting $99 million from ASU, UofA and NAU, completely eliminating state funding for Maricopa and Pima community colleges, and $113 million less for district schools, this package also includes the continuation of $675 million in taxpayer giveaways to corporations over the next three years and a $48 million deal with private prison corporations for more prison beds in two years.
Particularly troubling to me, though, are two things. First, is the millions in cuts to the newly formed Department of Child Safety, erasing all the progress that has been made towards backlogs and uninvestigated cases of child abuse and neglect. Second, is the shrinking of the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families program, from a lifetime maximum of 24 months, to a historic low of 12 months, making Arizona the shortest in the nation.
Arizona children are suffering and the Republican leadership is sending a message that their safety isn’t a priority. This cannot continue without dire consequences.
The Governor has not yet taken action on the budget package. Please click here to sign our petition and tell Governor Ducey that corporations shouldn’t get handouts while Arizona families and children are forced to shoulder more of the burden every year.
Thank you for your ongoing support,
Katie Hobbs