Wednesday, March 18, 2015

AZ Governor Doug Ducey Wants to Use Your Tax Dollars to Underwrite Mortgages For Privately Owned Charter Schools

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey wants to use state cash to back loans taken out by charter schools and the details is still being polished, despite his budget including $24 million for the plan was passed without  how funds will be used.. 
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He has ignored concerns that using state money to fund the expansion of privately owned charter schools might violate the Arizona Constitution’s prohibition on gifts of public monies. Citing lack of funds Ducey cuts education funding by MILLIONS in the budget that was passed and signed. Now the taxpayers will be the on the hook to guarantee loans taken out by the owners of charter schools. With $24 Million in fiscal year 2016 and the intent is to provide $21 million more the following year.
Ducey said he expects to outline details of how his Arizona Public School Achievement District will work soon. That new entity and a special fund to pay for it was included in the budget he signed using money from a fund for high-achieving schools.
The budget calls for Ducey to provide details of the plan to a joint committee of the House and Senate charged with spending oversight, and then submit legislation when the general outline is approved. There’s no timeline attached.
Ducey said he wanted the new district in the budget despite the lack of details because there’s a sense of urgency to give children educational opportunities.

Arizona Republicans have been pushing Charter Schools since Symington was Governor.

Why do Republican want to privatize education because:
Education is a multibillion dollar market, and the private sector is eager to get its hands on those dollars. 
b) Conservatives are devoted to the free market and believe that private is inherently superior to public. 
c) Shrinking public education furthers the Republican Party goal of drastically reducing the public sector. 
d) Privatization undermines teacher unions, a key base of support for the Democratic Party. 
e) Privatization rhetoric can be used to woo African American and Latino voters to the Republican Party. 
f) All of the above.

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The Arizona State Legislature passed the Charter School Law in 1994, effective September 16th of that year. The Law is the blueprint by which all charter schools operate regardless of sponsorship. We are often asked about our Charter School Law; this page allows you to access it with the corresponding topics noted so that you can go from one to another and not get lost or be unable to return to our web page.