Wednesday, March 18, 2015

AZ Doug Ducey Held A $1,000 Fundraiser To Pay Himself For Money He Loaned The Gubernatorial Campaign

I received two e-mails invites to attend a fundraiser to retire Ducey campaign debt and I kept shaking my head wondering what debt. $21.1 million dollars was spent to get him elected,my first thought was he wanted to pay the “dark money” groups back.

Then a light went off that he was looking to repay himself for the millions of dollars he spent out of his own pocket on his 2014 campaign. The governor scheduled an “intimate fundraising lunch”  at The Henry with a suggested contribution of $1,000. The proceeds will help retire some of the debt from his gubernatorial campaign, an email from fundraisers said. 

Ducey owed all of his campaign debt to himself. Campaign finance reports show that Ducey loaned his campaign nearly $2.9 million for the primary and another $715,000 for the general election. His post-general campaign finance report shows that he repaid himself $85,000 the week after the election, leaving him with $3.5 million in outstanding debts. He is also has an outstanding debt from his 2010 treasurer’s race. The most recent campaign finance reports show that the $600,000 loan he made to his 2010 campaign has not yet been paid back.