Thursday, March 19, 2015

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio admits contempt of court-Hispanic Leaders Call For Resignation

Hispanic community leaders are calling Sheriff Joe Arpaio to resign. During a Wednesday afternoon news conference, following the release of court documents that included an admission by the Sheriff that he violated court orders, several Hispanic leaders addressed the media.
 Motion by Sheriff Joe Arpaio to vacate hearing scheduled
Former Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox as the first to speak, "He (Sheriff Arpaio) has terrorized this community for years," said Wilcox. 

In a federal court filing on Tuesday, Sheriff Joe Arpaio admitted he is guilty of civil contempt. The admission is connected to the long-running racial profiling suit against Sheriff Arpaio and MCSO. 

 The sheriff's admission, that he violated several federal court orders, come in the form of a motion to vacate an upcoming civil contempt hearing, 
"Sheriff Joe does not want that evidence to come out," said Hispanic Activist Salvador Reza. The evidence he is referring to is hundreds of hours of video taped traffic stops. MCSO has long been accused of racially profiling people based solely on suspecting they were in the country illegally. Read More: HERE