Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Arizona Governor Doug Ducy's Spin Machine Touting Passed 2016 Budget as Bipartisan

I have now seen three (3) e-mails from Governor Ducey’s spin machine that is spinning as fast as it can to sell a budget as bipartisan, that actually had only one Democratic vote made by Senator Begay's
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Lone Democrat
The reason for the lone democrat vote is questionable. As the debate opened late Friday night, the Senate added $1.2 million to a spending bill for transportation projects on the Navajo Nation which Senator Begay's represents
Out of the 3 e-mails I’ve seen one (1) is a video of Moses Sanchez of Tempe Union High School District giving his opinion. Jest of the video money to classrooms and touting Arizona to become number one in the nation on education. Which will be almost next to impossible with this analysis from Education Week's Arizona Earns a D-Plus on State Report Card, Ranks 47th in Nation among 50 states and DC, with an overall score of 67.6 out of 100 points and a grade of D-plus. The nation as a whole posts a grade of C.
After the below cuts to education with Arizona already ranking 47th in the nation it surly will get an F on the Education Report Card.