Friday, March 13, 2015

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey Signs Bipartisan, Balanced Budget

Arizona News From the Governor's Office
MARCH 12, 2015
PHOENIX - Governor Doug Ducey today signed Arizona's Balanced Budget - a bipartisan, values-based spending plan that puts Arizona on a path toward structural balance for the first time since 2007 while protecting vital areas like K-12, child safety, public safety and our most vulnerable.
"This is the job Arizonans hired us for, and I'm proud we were able to get it done in a responsible, swift and bipartisan manner," said Governor Ducey. "This budget reflects the priorities I ran on and addresses the problems I was elected to solve.  It restores much-needed fiscal responsibility to government by forcing the state to live within its means and stop spending money it doesn't have. It prioritizes education, with nearly half our overall budget going toward K-12 and universities. It protects classrooms, child safety, public safety and our most vulnerable populations. And it does all of this without raising taxes on the citizens of Arizona. I'm grateful for the Legislature's efforts to get this done, and done right."