Saturday, March 21, 2015

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey Changing the Makeup of The State Board of Education

Governor Doug Ducey Appoints five new members to the state Board of Education Friday in his effort to reshape the 11-member panel more to his liking.
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The appointments were made three days before the board meets to discuss the AzMERIT tests that it approved in November. These are tests linked to the Common Core academic standards that Ducey, during his campaign, vowed to repeal.

There are three public member seats available for appointment, the governor needs to fill the vacant seats of a county school superintendent and a university president to the 11-member board. 
Appointed are:
Jared Taylor, a member of the Gilbert town council, is listed by the governor as "an active advocate for Arizonans Against Common Core.''
Chuck Schmidt, associate executive director for the Arizona Interscholastic Association. He also is listed as having taught high school social studies at Valley Lutheran High School;
Chris Deschene, a former Democratic state representative from the Navajo Nation. He is a Marine veteran and has a law degree;
Tim Carter of Yavapai County, named to the position that has to be filled by a county school superintendent. He previously was a principal at Prescott High School.

Michael Crow, 16th president of Arizona State University since 2002, filling the slot reserved for a state university president.