Monday, February 23, 2015

Major Arizona Corporation Commission Corruption Scandal!12 News Video with Brahm Resnik

Whistleblower alleges wrongdoing at Arizona agency Brahm Resnik Reports (Article)
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12 News obtains a whistleblower's letter alleging APS rate increases could be challenged because of a cozy relationship with a state corporation commissioner. Our investigation found almost a dozen lunch dates with the electric company's CEO in one c 12 News
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The letter was sent last Friday to the Corporation Commission and the Arizona Attorney General's office. It was obtained independently by 12 News, but did not contain the whistleblower's name. 12 News has verified the identity of the staffer who filed the complaint.
Information & Perspective by Warren Woodward
Sedona, Arizona ~ February 20, 2015
          I have been saying it for years, either the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) is corrupt or incompetent, or both. Incompetence is a certainty, and now it looks like corruption is too.

          A whistleblower from inside the ACC has come forward and nailed former commissioners Gary Pierce and Brenda Burns as well as current commissioner Bob Stump and ACC "Executive Director" Jodi Jerich.
          I love it!
          The whistleblower's letter is an absolute must-read. It's here:

          12 News did a story on this but emphasized Pierce as the "allegedly" corrupt one. When you read the whistleblower's actual letter however, you'll see that the others I mentioned are involved according to the whistleblower. Something else 12 News missed is that Ron Ludders, who was employed for a time by Pierce and Burns, used to work for APS. Keep that in mind as you read the letter.

          Also, note how commissioner Bob Stump, who was the ACC chairman at the time, arranged a lunch to hear out the whistleblower's concerns. Is that really the appropriate venue for something so serious? I don't think so. Note also that it took Stump almost two weeks to meet with the whistleblower after hearing the initial allegations.

          Just as the ongoing corruption scandal in California has tainted decisions made by their CPUC, so this scandal should render as corrupted and invalid the decisions made under this corrupt (and incompetent) ACC.

          The whistleblower finished his letter with, "To my knowledge, nothing has been done with the information I provided." All I can say is, thanks, and don't feel bad Mr. Whistleblower, for years nothing has been done with the information I have provided either.

          Some years ago when I first suspected corruption at the ACC, I had a phone conversation about it with the Phoenix FBI. They listened patiently but said they could not act just on my suspicion. I thanked them for listening and told them to remember the conversation because at some point in the future it would all come out. The future has finally arrived.