Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Headliner For Cathi Herrod's Center For Arizona Policy "Day At The Capital" Is AZ Governor Ducey

Ducey is the special guest of Cathi Herrod who authored the infamous anti gay bill SB1062, that created a hue and cry across major companies across USA that said they would boycott Arizona.She was also a member of Ducey's "kitchen cabinet". Governor Brewer vetoed the bill, however rumors abound it is scheduled to comeback now that Ducey is governor.
Cathi Herrod the author of SB 1062, which was widely seen as an anti-gay bill, CAP takes credit for 21 different anti-abortion laws passed in the state, and more than 100 other Arizona laws dealing with what the organization calls "the foundational values of life, marriage and family, and religious liberty."
In Ducey's campaign for governor, his relationship with Center for Arizona Policy president Cathi Herrod came to the forefront, especially given the uproar caused by SB 1062. Amid that uproar, Ducey said he would have vetoed 1062, and downplayed Herrod's role as an adviser to his campaign.
However, as we've reported before, Ducey's beliefs align just about perfectly with Herrod's -- according to Ducey's candidate surveys -- and he's donated money to Herrod's organization through the the Ducey Family Foundation.
It hasn't yet become clear how friendly Ducey's going to be to the organization's agenda, although he can't be much of a foe if he's headlining their events