Thursday, February 5, 2015

Doug Ducey Arizona’s 23rd Governor's First 30 Days in Office Filled with Rhetoric versus Actions.

AZ GOP Governor Doug Ducey’s First 30 Days in Office
Doug Ducey: Has been named the #hashtag governor by AZ Central. In the month since he was sworn into office, the governor has used hashtags on twitter to repeatedly promote his agenda.
Not using communications tools available on Arizona Government websites. Lack of transparency in Governors web site and other Republican web sites that do not have an RSS Feed. Secretary of State, State Treasurer, House Republicans, Senate Republicans, Agenda for Bills, list goes on and on. The Only Web sites that I found that has an RSS Feed is AZ AG Mark Brnovich and Senate Democrats.
 First action: Arizona Governor Doug Ducey today issued an executive order implementing a moratorium on all new regulatory rule making by state agencies.
Governor Ducey closes lobbyist office in Washington DC
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey announced a statewide hiring freeze 
"Ducey said in State of the State Address on January 25, 2015"
“In Arizona, educational excellence is a priority…That’s why I propose to spend not less in the classroom than last year, but more.”
Cut $13.5 million overall from K-12 schools
Cut $75 million from universities
Cut 50 percent from the state’s largest community college districts
Doing the Math on School cuts
It uses $2.9 million in unspent Department of Education fund plus
Takes $21 million that last year was available to all K-12 schools as “Success Funding” and uses it to pay for charter school capital costs that only a few charter schools will benefit from IF they are legally able to use the money
Increases school funding by $134.1 million ($85.2 million in inflation funding and $74.4 million due to court case) But then requires a 5% cut to traditional schools’ “non-classroom spending” and a 3.5% cut to charter schools totaling $123.7 million
“The business at hand…is to expand Arizona’s economy.”
 Slashed Arizona Commerce Authority’s budget by $100 million
Ducey’s budget calls for a 3-percent reduction in funding to Medicaid providers starting April 1, 2015,
Ducey cuts School, Medicaid, Tourism budgets and raises staff salaries.
A new state airplane
In the middle of a major budget crisis as Ducey cuts school budget ADOT will shell $6 Million to buy the Governor a new luxury airplane to replace the one it already has. Gov. Doug Ducey, who was elected on a platform of less government spending does a mea culpa the former state treasurer had no idea it was in the 2015 budget.
A New private prison vs schools and Medicaid

A 3,000 bed private prison.Gov. Doug Ducey has begun his push for lawmakers to spend an additional $70 million a year to house more inmates in private prisons. The initial request from the Department of Corrections is for an immediate $5 million to start the process of seeking bids. Then there’s another $52.4 million for operations in the first year. The funding request has drawn attention because it would bring the budget for the Department of Corrections up to$1.1 billion. Do we have prisoners to fill these beds? No? Not according to Sheriff Arpaio to Ducey: Ariz. doesn't need new private prison