Thursday, February 12, 2015

AZ Gov Ducey Says Diane Douglas Illegally Fired Director of Arizona Department of Education

Arizona-Diane Douglas Newly Elected Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Already Acting Illegally
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Ducey's spokesman Daniel Scarpinato: There have been no  personnel changes at the State Board of Education,
In office a little over a month Douglas doesn’t seem to know the ropes on how to run the education department and the scope of her job description.
This should not be a position for on the job training or a one trick pony. Throughout her campaign when she did make an appearance all she talked about was common core without the knowledge it was up to the state legislature to eliminate common core which they approved in 2010.
“The job of the state superintendent is to “superintend” the K-12 public education system in Arizona through the state department of education. As stated in the state constitution, this involves providing for the students of Arizona a uniform public school system including kindergarten schools, common schools, high schools and normal schools.
Now Douglas fired two employees at the Arizona Department of Education without consulting  anyone. Douglas job description Here
 Douglas reiterated what she said in her campaign: repeal common core. She also talked about     Arizona's National Education Ranking, which is 47th in the country.

It’s said that Douglas did not like that the 2 employees of Department of Education continued working to implement the new rest standards the board adopted In November 2014, the Arizona State Board of Education adopted a new statewide achievement test, AzMERIT, for Arizona students. In order to help communicate the purpose of the new test and several important aspects of the upcoming implementation process, the Arizona Department of Education has created a series of helpful resources to guide all stakeholders.
Via AZ Central
Arizona Governor Doug Doug Ducey said Thursday that schools chief Diane Douglas acted illegally when she fired two top staffers at the Arizona Board of Education. 

 In a statement issued to The Arizona Republic Thursday morning, the governor said Christine Thompson is still director of the education board.

The Governor's Office cites an Attorney General's opinion from 1985 that examines whether the Arizona State Board of Education is required to approve personnel changes of the Arizona Department of Education. "Counsel has advised, based on statutory language, legal precedent and concerns over the constitutional separation of powers that our office inform the Department of Administration that there have been no personnel changes at the State Board of Education," Ducey's spokesman Daniel Scarpinato that there have been no personnel changes at the State Board of Education, said Thursday. Ducey, a Republican, said Wednesday that Douglas, a fellow Republican, did not consult him about the terminations before acting. 

Ducey is reportedly meeting with education leaders at 11 a.m., though Scarpinato, could not immediately confirm that information.