Saturday, January 24, 2015

RESOLUTION TO RETIRE SENATOR JOHN MCCAIN May Be On The Agenda At AZGOP State Committeemen Meeting Today

Today the AZGOP State committeemen meeting convenes in Tempe Arizona to elect new officers for the State GOP. Resolution will also be on the agenda.
Besides the election there may be a hullabaloo over 10 of the resolutions that were rejected by the AZGOP Resolutions Committee. One of the rejected resolution and the most controversial is below.
Resolution to Retire Senator John McCain
Submitted by Bob and Sue Pullar  -- Cario Precinct
ü  WHEREAS, in 2010 Senator John McCain campaigned to “Complete the danged fence.” 4 years later the fence remains uncompleted and border is unsecure; and
ü  WHEREAS Senator John McCain has advocated and voted in favor of TARP (H.R. 1424), the airline industry bailouts (S. 347), and continues to back failed economic policies that have directly contributed to the near $18 Trillion dollars of US debt; and
ü  WHEREAS, Senator John McCain in 2102 removed the Smith-Amash Amendment while chairing the NDAA Conference Committee. The Smith-Amash Amendment which would have protected American citizens Constitutionally protected right to due process in the FY2013 NDAA; and
ü  WHEREAS, Senator John McCain has worked to purge the party of grassroots conservative precinct committee men and women using out of states funding via the Arizona Grassroots Action PAC; and
ü  WHEREAS, Senator John McCain has done a tremendous disservice to his State party by campaigning against conservative activists in order to protect his 2016 aspirations.
ü  NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the State Committeemen and Women of the Arizona Republican Party, that the undersigned do formally ask Senator John McCain not to seek any elected office in 2016 and to retire gracefully.
ü  FURTHERMORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the undersigned agree to offer no financial, moral or otherwise support for Senator John McCain’s primary election should he choose to seek office in 2016.=============================================================================
They were rejected although the authors followed instructions issued by AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham. “The revised deadline date of December 30, 2014, was declared invalid by the committee due to a strict interpretation of the State by-laws which calls for a deadline date of (45) days prior to the convening of the State Statutory meeting.  Consequently, the remaining (10) resolutions submitted beyond the (45) day deadline as prescribed by the State by-laws Article III, Section H, Paragraph 2, were ineligible for inclusion in the deliberations by the committee,” according to Resolutions Committee Chairman Ray Sweeney
Also in the past signatures for resolutions that were not accepted could be obtained at the meeting (a total of 200 was needed to bring the resolution up from the floor). Signatures were gathered in the parking lot by volunteers
Chairman Robert Graham’s directive regarding petition gathering for resolutions that could arise from the floor at the Jan 24 meeting are:  “As the state committeemen are checked in with their credentials, they will be referred to the room for the purpose of signing your resolutions if they choose to do so.  NO RESOLUTIONS PETITIONS CAN BE CIRCULATED TO STATE COMMITTEEMEN IN ATTENDANCE BEFORE THEY ARE CHECKED IN WITH THEIR CREDENTIALS.”

Graham’s directive makes sense only elected committeemen are to sign the petition concerning resolutions, by gathering signatures in the parking lot without verification you are getting a signature of state committeeman adds another layer to the meeting. Someone either a volunteer or staff have to verify the signatures.