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Recently Elected Republican Party Leaders Throughout Maricopa County Endorse Robert Graham for Chairman

PHOENIX – Chairman Robert Graham of the Arizona Republican Party today announced additional endorsements from numerous elected Republican Party officials from throughout Maricopa County. Graham is actively campaigning in an election to be held at the biennial meeting of the State Committee on January 24, 2015 at the Grace Community Church in Tempe.

"I am proud to endorse Robert Graham for State Chairman. I have known Robert now for 4 years and I personally know how actively involved he is in moving our party forward. In addition to his duties as our current state chairman, Robert is an active PC in my District LD 15, where he was our highest recruiter of PC's over the past two years. I have personally witnessed the transformation and renovation of our former dilapidated headquarters building into a state of the art social media, technology war room staffed with dedicated technology experts devoted to keeping Arizona Red! Robert took over as chairman 2 years ago with a deficit of $70,000 which he turned that red line into black within 30 days and has kept our party's balance in the positive ever since. I have also personally witnessed his energy and direct involvement in our community, welcoming different ethnic groups into both LD15 and other LD's statewide. Our party so needs this type of outreach and Robert's purposeful dedication to this and projects such as paid registration drives has increased Republican registrations 10,000 more than Democrats at this time two years ago! Again I am proud to endorse Robert Graham for State Chairman!said David Henderson, Chairman of the Legislative District 15 Republican Committee.

"Robert Graham is a positive leader who wants to advance conservative principles. We are lucky to have a leader who embraces new technology, is a great fundraiser, and can enthusiastically lead our party to elect a Republican nominee for President in 2016," said Trevor Hansen, Chairman of the Legislative District 16 Republican Committee.

Former Legislative District 18 Chairman David Bushman has also endorsed Graham, as has Mary Baumbach, past President of the Ahwatukee Republican Women's Club.

"Friends, as an LD Chairman of LD19 , precinct committeeman and grassroots activist, I am proud to support Chairman Robert Graham for re-election as State Chairman. With his business background, Robert was able to increase the resources at the State Party's disposal and increase outreach to minority groups. There is no one better positioned to run the State Party as we get ready for 2016 and I'm proud to throw my full support behind him," said Jorge Ortiz, Sr., Chairman of the Legislative District 19 Republican Committee.

"I am proud to endorse Chairman Robert Graham in his re-election for State Party Chairman. He has spent countless hours working with and supporting grassroots conservatives across this state. He brings high energy, great resources and an unwavering work ethic to the State Party. As a precinct committeeman and LD-20 chairman, my full support is with Robert," said Ray Malnar, Chairman of the Legislative District 20 Republican Committee.

"Chairman Robert Graham has my support and endorsement for re-election as AZGOP Chairman. Chairman Graham has done an outstanding job of helping to achieve GOP wins throughout the state. Through his leadership we have made huge gains in technology such as i360 and we were able to re-open the West Valley Republican Victory Office where we staged many events including walks and phone banks. His RAT pack did so much to strengthen our ranks and could be focused like a laser where needed. He has done far more to support PCs than any other Chairman in recent history.  I look forward to two more years working with Robert and his staff. Please join me in supporting Robert Graham for Chairman of the AZGOP," said Kevin Payne, Chairman of the Legislative District 21 Republican Committee.

Graham has been endorsed by Eric Morgan, Chairman of the Legislative District 22 Republican Committee, who thanked Graham several months ago and said, "Not only do I know Robert to be a champion for conservative, constitutionally sound Republican principles but I have also found him to a master at positioning our state party exactly where it needs to be."

"After some difficult times and having to make difficult decisions regarding candidates. elections and policies, Robert Graham has helped LD 27 reach out to the minority voters in our community and has pledged his support in our ongoing efforts in the future. Therefore, I am endorsing him to continue as Chairman in the coming term," said Ron Harders, Chairman of the Legislative District 27 Republican Committee.

"As conservatives we know we are right on the issues and our ideas make sense for all Americans. Just as a rising tide lifts all boats, a strong, cohesive message of the virtues and blessings of our Republican principles resonate with voters every time that message is properly delivered. Chairman Robert Graham is bringing forth that message with the innovation and effective leadership we needed to enhance our traditional Republican constituencies and is rapidly building solid new alliances that can bring the kind of election victories that will have a real impact on public policy in Arizona and support our national Republican agenda. I encourage all Republicans to join me in supporting Robert Graham for another term as our State Party Chairman," said Gary Hirsch, Chairman of the Legislative District 30 Republican Committee.

Maricopa County is Arizona's most populated county and home to nearly 700,000 Republican voters, about 60 percent of all Republicans in Arizona. Legislative District map is here.

Bruce Ash
National Republican Committeeman
Diane Douglas
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Sharon Giese
National Republican Committeewoman
Seraphim Larsen
Former Pinal County Republican Committee Chairman
Joe Arpaio
Maricopa County Sheriff
Delos Bond
Apache County Republican Committee Chairman
Russell Pearce
Former Arizona Senate President
Jonathan Lines
Yuma County Republican Central Committee Chairman
Gary Morris
Gila County Republican Committee Chairman
Eric Morgan
Legislative District 22 Chairman

Rim Country Republican Club

Joan Lang
Representative Brenda Barton
Donna Alu
Lolly Hathhorn
Gila County Republican Committee Vice Chairman
Jeff Oravits
Flagstaff City Council Member
Representative Warren Petersen
Andy McKinney
Star Valley Town Council Member
James Dutton
Yavapai County GOP Chairman
Jean McGrath
Maricopa Community College District Board Member
 Tom Forese
Corporation Commission Commissioner
Andy Biggs
Arizona Senate President 
Sergio Arellano
Chairman, Legislative District 2 Republican Committee
Robert Hancock
Chairman, Legislative District 4 Republican Committee (Pima)
Brad Johns
Chairman, Legislative District 9 Republican Committee
Parralee Schneider
First Vice Chairman, AZGOP (Pima County Resident)
Ian Murray
Legislative District 25 Republican Committee Chairman
John Rhodes
Graham County Republican Party Chairman
Joy Staveley
Coconino County Republican Committee Chairman
Senator Kelli Ward
Legislative District 5
Senator Sylvia Allen
Legislative District 6
Congressman Paul Gosar 
Congressional District 4
 Irene Littleton
Pinal County Republican Committee Chairman
Vince Manfredi
Legislative District 4 Chairman (Pinal)
John Acton
Pinal County District 7 Constable
Bill Beard
Pima County Republican Committee Chairman
Michael Ebert
Pima County Republican Club Chairman
Executive Committee (unanimous vote)
Pima County Republican Party
Congressman Trent Franks
Congressional District 8
 Councilman Sal DiCiccio
Phoenix City Council District 6
Representative Jill Norgaard
Arizona House of Representatives Legislative District 18
David Bushman
Former Chairman of Legislative District 18 Republican Committee
Mary Baumbach
Past President of the Ahwatukee Republican Women's Club
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