Sunday, January 25, 2015

AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham Hires Former Treasurer Timothy Lee As The GOP'S Financial Compliance Officer

AZGOP Treasurer Timothy Lee has been hired as the AZGOP’S New Financial Compliance Officer.  Congratulations to Timothy and Kudos's to Robert for a very smart move.
Lee,  resigned his treasurer position when he could no longer be a candidate for treasurer. He recently moved into LD24 and wasn’t qualified to run as Treasurer because he had not been elected a State Committee in his new LD.

Kudos's to Robert Graham for making a wise decision to maintain continuity within the financial arm of the GOP.

As AZGOP Treasurer Timothy Lee gave us some Insight as to the duties he has performed during his eight years as the AZGOP Treasurer:  
Part lawyer.  Part Compliance Officer.  Part Bookkeeper.  Interpretive reading and writing specialist.  Statutory expert. Contracts specialist.   Audit and fiduciary compliance.  LD and County Treasurer Training and counselor.  Preparation of annual Budgets and related spending controls. Banking and credit card processing operations.  Expert trial witness. Liability and property casualty insurance coordinator. Fundraising coordination.  Building maintenance and Capital investment advisor.  Out building leasing coordinator.  Technical equipment and computer programs solicitation, financing and payment advisor. Payroll, Human Resources & Benefits Coordinator and EEO Compliance Officer. Postal service and bulk rate coordinator. All as a volunteer Officer, and with only a part time staff of less than 20 hours per week, maintaining strict  compliance of segregation of duties operations while routinely handling and processing millions of dollars that flow into and out of the office.