Thursday, January 22, 2015

A.J. LaFaro AZGOP Candidate for 1st Vice Chair-Re Comments At Mesa Forum

I received an e-mail about 4:30 PM today from 3 different sources subject: A.J. LaFaro Goes Unhinged.I have been trying to verify the following information since that time. If you can verify the comments, please contact me. Facebook  Twitter or in Comments on this article. Thanks, be
Barbara Espinosa
Last night in Mesa, Legislative District 25 held a forum during which former Maricopa County GOP Chairman and candidate for First Vice Chair of the State Republican Party A.J. LaFaro went completely unhinged during his scheduled remarks from the floor. LD 25, the second largest legislative district in Arizona saw LaFaro interrupt his opening statement to attack a member of the audience, Gary Pierce. (Gary’s son Justin was an LD 25 legislator and his wife Sherry works for Congressman Matt Salmon. Pierce himself is a former Corporation Commissioner) Upon further research, it is clear that A.J. LaFaro does not have the best interest of the Party at heart. In an interview he did for AZ Central on July 6th, 2013, A.J. clearly listed former Democrat president Bill Clinton as one of his admires. 

Yep! A.J. LaFaro Former Maricopa County Republican Chairman admires Bill Clinton.
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