Saturday, November 22, 2014

Arizona Supporters Stacking The Deck For Senator McCain

by Barbara
What is allegedly happening in Arizona politics at the grassroots level started with the election of (precinct committeemen) in the primary election. It's reminiscent of a political strategy described by Niccolò Machivelli  in his 1513 work, "The Prince," regarding methods of obtaining and maintaining power." 

A group of McCain followers has formed Arizona Grassroots Action PAC. It is Listed at the FEC  as a firm out of Alexandria Virginia. This PAC appears to have been formed to pay supporters in the endeavor to stack the Legislative Districts Precinct Committeemen by replacing those they consider involved in the censure of Senator John McCain. Donors HERE. Companies who got paid HERE. A source called me and filled me in on what is supposedly laid at the feet of Senator McCain in retaliation for the censure of him by the Maricopa County Republican Committee.

According to Politico Pro two longtime advisers to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) at the end of February, veteran operatives Jon Seaton and Christian Ferry formed “Arizona Grassroots Action PAC.” Seaton was a regional campaign manager for McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, and Ferry was deputy campaign manager. Jon Seaton Meridian Political Consulting Team --Christian Ferry The Trailblazer Group
They started the process by "Arizona Grassroots Action PAC  sending out slates of precinct committeemen to vote for in the primary election.

The next step was to take over the vote for state committeemen in each legislative district. An operative from in the legislative district during the organizational meeting for elected officers and state committeeman, from the floor nominates the precinct committeeman chosen by the PAC to be a state committeeman.

The only perceived litmus test is the PC is favorable to Senator McCain, the PC nominated from the floor to become a state committeeman may have never attended a legislative district meeting, only to be a PC and chosen by the PAC.

In January 2015 the AZGOP will meet with officers to be elected for State GOP Chairman and Maricopa County Republican Committee Chairman to be elected by the State Committeemen.

So far we don’t know who will be running for each Chairman’s position. Will the PAC’S chosen one follow suit and be nominated from the floor or have they already been chosen?
Please open all the links to get company names. Has this happened in your Legislative District, it did in mine.
Source: Official PAC Name:
Location: ALEXANDRIA, VA 22314
Treasurer: LISA LISKER 
FEC Committee ID: C00558445
(Look up actual documents filed at the FEC)

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