Monday, June 16, 2014

Michelle Ugenti Talk of the Arizona State Capital-Not In A Good Way

Gossip and rumors have been flying for months over Ugenti’s soon to be ex-husband making a special trip to the capital and the altercation he had with the guy she’s rumored to be whooing with. 

From a very well respected state senator who said he was disgusted at her behavior at a workshop/conference with her alleged whooing partner. The opinion of Ugenti as a mother of three it's unbecoming. Until recently a wife until her cheating ways caught up to her. The name that is repeated over and over again is Brian Townsend. Brian’s name pops up as “THE GUY” from legislators on both sides of the isle, political strategist, and lobbyist.
Ugenti has certainly made a name for herself.
Not Ugenti Rumors
Republican Rep. Michelle Ugenti is citing her legislative privilege in an attempt to block a subpoena to obtain her text messages in what is becoming a contentious divorce battle with her husband, Frank Ugenti. 
Michelle Ugenti's Masturbation Comment and Her Foot-in-Mouth Disease
As the Legislative cameras rolled, Ugenti bantered with male colleagues about how long the hearing might go on and whether there would be a break for dinner.
One of them informed Ugenti: "Michelle, I have a hot date tonight."
"No you don't, stop it," she shot back. "Your right hand doesn't count."
Rep. Michelle Ugenti embraces all the crazy bills but it's her mouth that makes her stand out. To college students, testifying about the hardships of a bill that would require most scholarship students to pay at least $2,000 in tuition: "Welcome to life," says the Scottsdale candidate who launched her political career as a publicly funded candidate.
Brian Townsend Not A Rumor
House Senior Policy and Operations Advisor Brian Townsend, 40, is subject to a protective order dated July 1, 2010 through Scottsdale City Court involving a romantic relationship with a woman identified as 26-year-old Morgan Day. Under the amended order from a previous ruling in May, the Brady rule was invoked and Townsend was prohibited from carrying firearms or ammunition for one year because the two parties met the federal “intimate partner” test through the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994. In her court documents, Day accused Townsend of stalking her and was in fear for her personal safety. She also claimed that Townsend used his “work position to acquire information about (her).” Townsend continues working at his state office in downtown Phoenix. AZ News