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Biden Promises 3 Central American countries $ 9.6 million to reintegrate deportees

Guatemala City, Guatemala

U.S. accelerate deportations of migrant children

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They go to three Central American countries $ 9.6 million to reintegrate deportees and 244 million for programs of social development and security.

Joe Biden was direct and left no room for hope: children will be deported Central Americans who risked their lives in the dangerous path of "wet" to be with their parents. Moreover, the United States will accelerate the process of repatriation because the exodus continues. Vice President of the United States, yesterday visited Guatemala, described the situation as "unsustainable". "Children will be humanely and fairly treated in our country before be returned, "Biden said through a translator in a statement with Guatemalan President Otto Perez at the National Palace of Culture in the capital. 

"The situation is untenable and unacceptable (...). The whole problem of migration is shared by the United States, Mexico and Central America, "the Vice President told reporters after a meeting with Perez in the Oval Office. Biden arrived Friday morning to Guatemala in the last leg of a tour that began on Monday in Brazil and continued in Colombia and Dominican Republic. 

Earlier, the White House also reported that Biden spoke by telephone with Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández during the flight that took him to Guatemala and asked him to "work closely with other regional leaders in the formulation of proposals to deal from their roots to illegal migration from Central America. " "The United States recognizes that an important part of the solution to these problems is to deal with the roots and the main causes of this immigration," said Biden.

According to the Vice President, the causes are "especially poverty, insecurity and lack of rule of law for people to stay and live fully in their communities." Central American children crossing the border alone to the United States come in deportation proceedings once they are arrested, but if the authorities decide fate by case. law prohibits the Department of Homeland Security to deport immigrant children just after his arrival in the United States if his country of origin share no border with the North American country. 

Biden announced that go to three Central American countries $ 9.6 million to reintegrate migrants are repatriated and 244 million for social development programs and security in the region, for a total of 254 million dollars. More resources and more children The U.S. government announced an increase in resources and expedite deportation hearings to deal with the sudden flood of children who emigrated illegally from Central America. 

A newsletter of the American Presidency indicated that hearings be held "as quickly and efficiently as possible, in the same way you protect asylum seekers" to allow state customs and immigration services to illegal immigrants return to their country as quickly as possible. Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas said that the number of undocumented children intercepted by border authorities is increasing. Between October 2013 and mid June 2014, some52,000 children across the border without the company adults, more than double the amount recorded between October 2012 and the end of 2013, said. late May, about 39,000 adults with children were also detained by U.S. immigration authorities. 

U.S. Government has emphasized that children crossed the border in recent months not obtain legal status or citizenship and instead are considered "priority" for deportation.The White House announced that activate new plans to increase security in the Central American countries as a measure of medium term to contain the wave of undocumented children. Throughout five years invested $ 40 million to strengthen public safety in Guatemala and 25 million to increase youth centers on problems in El Salvador. To develop Security Initiative Regional Central America (Carsi), Washington I allocated 18.5 million dollars to combat gangs in Honduras. 

In all countries "have found a high interest in working with us," he said in a teleconference Ricardo Zuniga, adviser to President Barack Obama for Latin America. U.S. yesterday announced the opening of new centers to house families. Mayorkas said the administration extended an undetermined number of facilities to increase responsiveness at the border and said that will be equipped so that immigrant families are treated humanely. 

Family Reunification Coordinator Government of Honduras, Jorge Ramón Hernández, the minister said in Guatemala that unaccompanied immigrant children detained in the U.S. should be released to their parents, regardless of the country where parents are. "can not separate children from their parents forcibly. Children who have parents in the United States, in our view, should meet them there, "said the official press conference.Hernandez participated in the multilateral meeting with Biden in Guatemala, besides the Guatemalan president Otto Perez Molina, the Salvador Salvador Sanchez Ceren and the Interior Minister of Mexico, Miguel Angel Osorio. The officials discussed the increasing flow of Central American children and unaccompanied illegally crossed the U.S. border in recent months during the meeting. "We have requested that we find solutions to this crisis are as a fundamental principle of family reunification. This is an internationally accepted principle.

We can not separate parents from their children forcibly, "he said Hernández. representative of the Honduran Government indicated that decisions regarding illegal migration of minors "should be based on the best interests of children" and said: "Every case should be treated in a particular way. " Honduran Foreign Minister Mireya Agüero Corrales confirmed during the press conference that his country will convene an international conference on the subject in July to jointly find a solution to this problem.

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