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Arizona Senator John McCain "A Maverick in his Own Mind"

Senator McCain (R-AZ) calls himself a maverick and straight talker. His daughter complimentarily called him a "badass." Currently the only ones who would probably use these  to describe him are the mainstream media and the liberals that he is pandering to.
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He has become a disappointment on a number of fronts. Here are a few examples of how the "Maverick" is anything but.
In May of this year he went to Syria to meet with the supposed Free Syrian Army and the Syrian rebels. He wanted to establish a safety zone and for the U.S. to provide arms to the "right" rebels. He even held a photo op with some of the rebels. Unfortunately, these rebels turned out to be terrorists, kidnappers according to the Lebanese press. The problem, articulated by Senator Rand Paul, (R-KY) is that if McCain did not know he was taking a picture with some kidnappers, how good a job is he doing vetting those who would receive the arms? Jon Stewart said it best, "Oh my God, John McCain is literally palling around with terrorists!" And in reaction to a McCain spokesman saying none of the rebels identified themselves as the individuals involved in the kidnappings, Stewart said that's "kind of the point," that "not everyone is going to be wearing their HELLO I'M A TERRORIST name badge."
Senator McCain, who considers himself an expert on foreign affairs, has repeatedly called for cutting off aid to the Egyptian military since they have cracked down on the Muslim Brotherhood, stating, "For us to sit by and watch this happen is a violation of everything that we stood for... We're not sticking with our values." Really! Andrew McCarthy pointed out the hypocrisy of the Senator, when McCain condemned the Muslim Brotherhood a few years ago, and then once they came to power embraced them. McCain has praised his Islamist "heroes" and championed even more funding for this extreme Islamist government, $480 million, even though they tried to impose Sharia law, prosecute its detractors, and persecute Christians and women. The Senator is now pushing for elections as soon as possible, just as he did after the ouster of Mubarak. It appears he did not learn that such a rush to elections contributed to the empowerment of the Brotherhood and led to a non-democratic government.
On the national front many feel that Senator McCain once again is promoting amnesty for illegal immigrants at the cost of his own constituents, those who live on the front lines in Arizona. In the "Gang of Eight Immigration Bill,' there is no requirement that the borders be deemed secure before people can apply for green cards. Arizona Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels told American Thinker that the Southwest border sheriffs have asked Senator Flake (R-AZ) and Senator McCain to allow them to give input during the creation of the bill. "We were denied the opportunity to give presentations and to express ourselves. I cannot understand why, since we were really looking to be the voice of the people. McCain and Flake are not helping the cause of securing the border. They are part of those who have not included us in the equation. Because of this I am very dissatisfied and disappointed."
Finally there are the references Senator McCain made against Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), calling them "wacko birds," and implying Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) was an idiot. Such an outward display just gives more power to the Democrats, which is evidenced when they jumped on the McCain bandwagon.
After overwhelmingly re-elected in 2010 Senator McCain believes he can become the "Maverick" again. The problem with this is the title only appears to be in his own mind and that of the liberal mainstream media. Instead, straight talk has turned into hypocritical and ridiculous statements. Senator McCain is not a straight talker, but a talker who is wrong and uninformed.
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