Saturday, June 1, 2013

Take Food Stamps Out of the Farm Bill!

The food stamp scam has gone on long enough
Normally, Congress passes the "Farm Bill" every five years - with the appropriation providing many kinds of subsidies, like paying people to not grow tobacco. But 80% of the Farm Bill is actually food stamps, also known as the SNAP program.
Congress put food stamps in the Farm Bill to make sure subsidies to giant corporate farms would never stop.
Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin has the answer: remove the SNAP food program from the Farm Bill, and make Congress vote on these issues separately.Tell your Senator to support Ron Johnson's Motion to Recommit on the Farm Bill, and make Congress vote directly for corporate subsidies. Find You Senator at:
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Take Food Stamps out of the Farm Bill
Dear [Decision Maker],
80% of the so-called Farm Bill is the SNAP food stamps program. The other 20% is corporate welfare and subsidies for farmers, courtesy of taxpayers like me.

Food stamps were made part of the Farm Bill so the legislation so it would pass every time without question - a despicable, anti-democratic scam on the taxpayer.

I urge you to support Senator Ron Johnson's Motion to Recommit, which would remove the SNAP food stamp program from the Farm Bill and force Congress to take separate votes on these matters.
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