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White House Staff and Colombia Prostitutes: Now Everyone Wants To Report It

On April 16, 2012 this was the headline at SinclairNews:

Breaking News:White House Staff Involved In Colombia Prostitute Scandal Ignored

Flirtatious: Bikini-clad working girl Dania Suarez is at the centre of the Secret Service prostitution scandal
Despite SinclairNews having confirmed with United States Secret Service personnel that White House staff in Colombia in advance of Barack Obama’s arrival for the Summit of the Americas, were in fact involved in the prostitute scandal involving more than a dozen Secret Service Agents, the Washington Post/NewsMax reporter and author of  In The Presidents Secret Service Ron Kessler never bothered to report this little fact. Nor for that matter did NewsMax or any other mediaoutlet.
White House takes a shot at Sinclair News Monday April 23, 2012 over this article: WH Press Sec. Carney Takes Shot At Sinclair News
While President Obama stated in Colombia yesterday
“What happened here in Colombia is being investigated by the director of the Secret Service,” Obama said. “I expect that investigation to be thorough and I expect it to be rigorous,” the president told reporters in his first public reaction to the controversy. “If it turns out that some of the allegations that have been made in the press are confirmed, then of course I’ll be angry.”
and author Ron Kessler, who broke the scandal on the Washington Post made the rounds on the morning shows calling for the Director of the Secret Service to be fired,
“This is the worst scandal in the history of the Secret Service,” Kessler said on NBC’s “Today” show on Monday. “The Secret Service, under Mark Sullivan, has gone from one debacle to another.”
Kessler and all the other media organizations have failed to report that some of President Obama’s own White House staff were also involved in the procurement of prostitutes in Colombia.
Washington, Sep 20 (ANI): Federal law enforcement officials and a congressional committee in the United States are awaiting an overdue inspector generals report that they believe may reveal the involvement of two White House advance team members in the Secret Service prostitution scandalin Colombia earlier this year.
While much of the attention in the case is focused on the actions of Secret Service personnel, multiple law enforcement and congressional sources claim that investigators also discovered two White House advance team members had checked in prostitutes as overnight guests at the Cartagena hotel days before President Barack Obama’s April 13 visit.
“Three U.S. delegation members that stayed at the Hilton brought prostitutes back as overnight guests. One of them was ours (Secret Service) and the other two were White House staffers,” a high-ranking Secret Service official told Fox News.
“We knew very early that White House staffers were involved,” he added.
Twelve of the 13 agents investigated for alleged misconduct in Cartagena stayed at another hotel, the El Caribe. Only one of those charged with misconduct had a room at the Hilton, where President Obama and the White House advance team also stayed, the report said.
“We are writing to inquire about the status of the investigation we requested into the April 2012 incidents in Cartagena, Colombia, involving the U.S. Secret Service and possibly other federal personnel and certain foreign nationals,” a letter addressed to Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General stated.
Earlier in April, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said there was no indication any White House advance team members being involved in the prostitution scandal, the report said.
The delay has sparked speculation the report was being altered or manipulated to conceal or minimize the roles of some of those involved, multiple Secret Service officials said.
The White House remained unavailable for comment. (ANI)
On April 17, 2012 Sinclair News reported the below follow-up to the April 16, 2012 article
With the recent Secret Service & Military Colombia prostitute scandal and the media’s selective reporting of those who were actually involved (not a single MSM outlet has yet reported the FACT that Obama White House staff were also willing participants) you have to wonder if this is yet another ‘don’t let a good crisis go to waste’ moment for the Obama camp. With Author/NewsMax reporter Ron Kessler breaking of the story Saturday on the Washington Post, many have taken aim at Director Sullivan (Left), while ignoring the fact that some of those involved in the scandal are White House staff. Kessler, SeniorWashington Correspondent for himself has yet to report the involvement of White House staff in what he says is an ‘embarrassment of The President,” by the Secret Service. Kessler is the author of  In the Presidents Secret Service, and clearly has an agenda as it relates to the performance of Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan.
Sinclair News on April 24, 2012 the top story was

WH Press Sec. Carney Takes Shot At Sinclair News

because SinclairNews factual reporting resulted in the White House being asked byGOP Sen. Chuck Grassley, to answer questions about any White House staff involvement. On April 23, 2012 WH Press Secretary Jay Carney made this statement at the White House daily briefing.

which included a swipe at SinclairNews where Carney referred to SinclairNews as“There’s been rumors published on the Internet by people with no editors and no conscience.”
Monday White House Press Secretary Jay Carney (Right) took a shot at Sinclair News without daring to mention us by name. Carney who on Monday claimed the White House conducted a review of “our people, White House advance team, and it produced nothing.” Carney went on to say “There’s been rumors published on the Internet by people with no editors and no conscience.” Mr. Carney however got it wrong, because Sinclair News does have an editor and most certainly has a conscience. We would expect media organization such as the Associated Press to attempt to claim our report was “irresponsible” considering the fact that Sinclair News scooped all of them and reported based on solid information from within the government itself.
Late last night we were made aware of the reports on the various news wires which if correct vindicates SinclairNews in our April 16; 17; & 24, 2012 reports. Though we did not need the Inspector General or any other so called media organizations to vindicate us, because we reported what was confirmed to us by the US Secret Service which had first hand knowledge as to who was or was not involved in the bringing of prostitutes into the Hotels being used by White House advance staff and Secret Service agents.
Now some five months after SinclairNews published the factual reports exposing White House staff WERE involved in the Colombia prostitute scandal we have FOX News, UK’s DailyMailYahoo NewsHotAirThe BlazeVince Palamara’sWASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND,and even those at Breitbart are now feeling it worthy of reporting. If SinclairNews was able to confirm White House staff involvement with Secret Service in April 2012 you would expect organizations as big as Yahoo News, DailyMail, HotAir, The Blaze and FOX News clearly could have done the same even more quickly than SinclairNews.
Now the important thing is to insist on White House Press Secretary Jay Carney to explain why he stood before the White House Press Corp and lied through his teeth and why he felt the need to refer to SinclairNews reports as being “…rumors published on the Internet by people with no editors and no conscience.” Source

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