Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Article Posted: 05.16.2012 | 4:16 pm 4:16 pm Wed, May 16, 2012
Cross Post: Yellow Sheet Report
Romney’s Arizona consultant, Nathan Sproul, took fire from some corners of the Republican Party after Saturday’s bungled convention for failing to control the Ron Paul supporters in attendance and the organizational mistakes. Today, Sproul rebutted the attacks in a comment to a post (LINK) on the Politico Mafioso blog that, in part, criticized “the lack of preparation by the Romney campaign” and him. In the response (LINK), Sproul says that Morrissey and other party officials informed him in March that they would be using a volunteer to organize both the credentialing process and the voting. “I voiced my strenuous opposition to the idea. I told them that if voting were messed up they would be embarrassed on a national scale. Ultimately, that is exactly what happened,” Sproul wrote. Even after Romney became the presumptive GOP nominee in April, Sproul wrote that the party still refused to hire Helen Purcell to handle the voting. “I can only think of one thing I suggested to them that they actually did. And, that was only after I told them they would be considered a hostile state party by the Romney campaign if they didn’t do it,” he wrote. (Note: Sproul never revealed what that “one thing” he asked party leaders to do was.) One Romney delegate told our reporter that Sproul was the only person keeping the meeting from devolving completely: “He was a life-saver because he stayed on message. Whoever says otherwise is just jealous or has a grudge against him.”