Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dr. Ada Fisher, North Carolina Republican National Committeewoman Endorses Romney
For Immediate Release
Date: May 8, 2012

Salisbury, NCIn adhering to the NC GOP State Plan of Organization, Republican National Committeewoman Dr. Ada M. Fisher consistent with the results of their primary endorses Gov. Mitt Romney as her party’s nominee for the Presidential race. “The results of the NC Primary clearly show that Romney will garner more than 50% of the votes in the Presidential Primary which delights me. Gov. Romney is a candidate who has the right credentials to be President of the USA for such a time as this. I am proud that he will carry the banner for my state and this extraordinary nation. Having worked in Corporate America for more than a decade I do understand the dilemmas facing an economy that is spurting and needs to be recharged. Gov. Romney’s experience as a major titan of industry, one with gubernatorial executive experience, demonstrated international acumen in pulling together a diverse group of people who restored faith in the Olympics after an international assault and financial devastation, prove that he is one who can unite different peoples.”

Dr. Fisher likes the Romney logo which reminds her of the Girl Scouts emblem. She also finds his words, “Believe in America” so apropos to our future which is as bright as our commitments should be to freedom, liberty and the US Constitution.

Ada M. Fisher is the first black woman from the states and one of only two African Americans presently on the Republican National Committee, the other being Glenn A. McCall of South Carolina. She is also a charter member of the Charlotte, NC Chapter of the Republican Jewish Alliance, as well as the Republican Hispanic Alliance in the state. Dr. Fisher will seek renomination to her present position in the party at its June 1-3, 2012 North Carolina State GOP Convention. Fisher’s pending book release of Common Sense Conservative Prescriptions Solutions for What Ails Us, Book I (Amazon.com) will be surprisingly refreshing in addressing a way forward out of the nation’s tremendous national debt and malaise while being fair to citizens and restoring constitutional principles which she will fight with Romney and the Republican Party to continue embracing.