Sunday, May 20, 2012

Disabled Veterans National Foundation rip-off, $56 million donated, no veterans helped *vid*...
Posted by Charleston Voice, 05.20.12
Here's just one more example of fraud right under the noses of the IRS itself. While the IRS overlooks fraud at home they're groping for more and more - through any means - to get more from your pocket. Tax-exempt foundations are for privileged special interests that must be jettisoned - which could happen - - by congressional de-funding of the IRS. Will the congressional committee leaderships please step forward and exercise your oversight mandates?

The Murky World of Charity Fundraising
And guess who another Quadriga client is? That’s right: The Humane Society of the United States. According to HSUS’s tax returns, it paid Quadriga $8.2 million in 2009 and $9.6 million in 2010. What IS this outfit really all about?

click image to view full IRS filing
 You'd think Valerie Conley would be able to intelligently respond to questions posed by CNN. But, no, she refers him to the DC hdqtrs where she's shown as the #2 person, the 1st Vice President!
 Sure smacks of an elitist money laundering scheme of taxpayer monies doesn't it?

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