Monday, May 14, 2012

Delegates attend Saturday's Arizona GOP Convention held at Grand Canyon University.

Comments that I heard or saw and told to me from around the state by delegates to the AZ GOP 2012 state Convention...
1. This was told to me in three unrelated conversations... Teresa Martinez a GOP Staffer was caught picking up the Mitt Romney Slate - Arizona Republican Party Convention  flyers off the chairs and a young fellow presumed to be her son was replacing them with the Ron Paul Slate - Arizona Republican Party Convention easy to recognize what was happening Romney's were green Paul's orange. Her defense was she was told to pick them up...When the Romney volunteer told her they would take care of their own flyers she proceeded to call him a racist. When all else fails and you are caught with your hand in someone's else's cookie jar.. Go for racist...Another flyer story was the Romney Campaign had an infiltrator during the planning period and their flyers originally to be orange and here it gets a little murky whether it was a Tea Party or Ron Paul person because both of those flyers ended up orange. The Romney campaign had theirs reprinted in bright green.
2. The Ron Paul supporters being disruptive and booing during Josh Romney speech. Police were called.
3. Russell Pearce's brother grabbed a guy by shirt and security did nothing to stop him.
4. There have been too many comments both in person and via e-mail to list them all. The dissatisfaction of the convention planning has been overwhelming.
5. Most often repeated the most important event in four years and the responsibility of the AZ GOP Chairman is the Presidential State Convention and it has been a disorganized disaster by the GOP since I have been a delegate.
6. The meeting wasn't well planned...Started over an hour late.
7. It took too long to get credentialed. The guy didn't know what he was doing..
8. We did not receive an agenda from the GOP prior to our arrival.
9. Grand Canyon University was the absolute best facility we have had.
10. The food was terrible and overpriced. AZ GOP should have had a lunch catered. We were expecting cafeteria service not "Roach Coach's".
11. The meeting ran 5 hours past the time we were told it would be over at 5 P.M. At 4:30 the vendors closed and there was no food or water other the drinking fountains.
12. The 2012 Group lead by Ron Ludders stiffed the caterer for the Herman Cain event. Paid a portion ($900) and was told the GOP would pick up the tab for the rest. GOP said not true. Being a staunch Republican and a supporter she took the hit for the rest. She prepared food for 300 people.
13. Around the stage there were about 50 cases of No Obama water that the Gop intended to sell for $2.00 a bottle as a fundraiser. About 9 P.M. two of the delegates took charge and started giving the water away. The GOP should have done this.
I'm stopping with 13...That seems to be the number that sums up this GOP Administration in planning a state convention.