Sunday, April 15, 2012


 President Barack Obama demanded that Latin American countries fail to see the U.S. as the culprit of the things that go wrong. A little different than Hillary Photo living it up.

Faced with criticism from the Brazilian president Rousseff on the management of monetary policy of the American Union, Obama said: "In Latin America, part of the change of mentality has to lead not always look to the United States as the reason for the things always go wrong. "
During a roundtable discussion with the Brazilian president and the president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, Obama opened the debate on a revision to drug policy, but made clear that legalizing drugs is not ideal departure for addressing the problem 

Presidents meeting at the Sixth Summit of the Americas recognized that drug trafficking takes various 

state functions, such as collecting taxes, in some places.
At a press conference, the president of Peru, Ollanta Humala, said: "Some heads of state have said the drug is now entering certain sites to replace the functions of the state, as is the case and as noted by
the president of Mexico (Felipe Calderón), on the issue of collecting
taxes. "Humala quotes Calderon moved to the state drug
After meeting with President Felipe Calderon, President of Peru, Ollanta Humala, gave a press conference in which he stated that drug trafficking organizations are beginning to replace the state in
various functions.
"The smuggling of drugs and other illegal economic activities are taking place and in some cases heads of state have said the narcos are now entering certain sites to replace the functions of the state,
as is the case and as noted by the President of Mexico (Felipe Calderón), the issue of tax collection, well, these organizations compete with the state in this type of thing, "he said.
Humala made this statement referring to the collection of dues or "war tax the drug dealers charged in different parts of Latin America to the owners of small and medium businesses, but even those who just
bought a car, as in some parts of northern Mexico. "
Conference, within the Sixth Summit of the Americas, President Ollanta Humala said during a private meeting, attended by all the leaders attending, they discussed security issues and economic growth
in the region: "We talked about all safety issues openly, "he said.
"The important thing is that these discussions have touched transparently, which are often not made because they were political issues should not be touched, they have now pulled out all the
issues," said Ollanta Humala.
And announced that during that conversation that lasted three presidents and a half hours and that the media had no access, the U.S. president, Barack Obama said his responsibility in the issue of
combating drug trafficking and stressed that "progress has been made an important step in the integration and complementation of what is America."

At night, the president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos held a dinner in honor of heads of state participating in the summit. The meeting ends Sunday around noon and will be released from the debate on security and economic growth in the region.

Presidency sources were consulted on whether corroborated the statement made by Humala. Social Communication said that could not be confirmed, because it is the statements by the president of another country. Read More