Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Arizona GOP being audited by the FEC...the rest of the story...

Original Story was published by Politico Mafioso
The GOP is being audit for the years 2009-2010 the years Randy Pullen was Chairman, however it's the current Chairman Tom Morrissey and staff who are in deep caca over the records FEC needs to audit...It seems according to reliable Republican sources that between Tom Morrissey, Thayer Verschoor, Phil Mason and Teresa Martinez someone made the executive decision to trash a lot of the GOP's records.
The FEC requires that all records pertaining to federal elections be kept especially the volunteer sign in sheets for volunteers that show date, time in and time out be kept. POOF!! GONE!! Upon assuming their positions one or all decided that the files need to be far they are only in dither about the ones the FEC will want to see.
Another little tidbit that could get the current Chairman and staff's fanny in a sling is Phil Mason is staff working on Federal Elections on a daily basis and he was paid out of state funds instead of Federal. Also he has been paid under the name of Elephant T and R without Social Security, Federal Income Tax being deducted. (see documentation).
Az GOP Potential Fec Audit Discrepancies...

Word on the street (not verified) is the GOP is paying Mason through Elephant T&R because he is drawing disability  and is not supposed to be employed. This seems to be common knowledge in some Republican cliques.
The Bigger is will the Exec's at GOP headquarters own up to their faux' pas or try to plead we didn't see the doc's? Suggestion it's better to ask forgiveness tan put the blame on Bush/Past Chairman.
When the FEC picks up this little item and all the cronies that have been paid for services supposedly tendered the fines could be enormous.