Thursday, March 8, 2012

·        Santorum quickly became a millionaire in six years after losing the Senate. 
·        Rick Santorum may have played a role in the K Street Project scandal but he denies it
·        Rick Santorum has trashed the TEA Party.
·        Rick Santorum faces several ethical questions about using his position in Congress to benefit himself and others.
·        In the 104th Congress Sen. Santorum joined all Democrats and a minority of Republicans in voting to filibuster the bill S. 1788, the National Right to Work Act of 1995. (“On the Cloture Motion (motion to invoke cloture on motion to proceed to consider S.1788),” Senate Bill Clerk, Vote Number:, 7/10/1996)
·        During that same congressional session, Santorum also voted to retain the 1930s-era Davis-Bacon Act that forces taxpayers to pay union wages in government-funded construction and gives Big Labor an unfair advantage over non-union companies and workers (“On the Motion to Table (motion to table Kennedy Amendment No. 4031 to S.Amdt. 4000 to S.Con.Res. 57),” Senate Bill Clerk, Vote Number: 134,, 5/22/1996)
·        He also voted against allowing a waiver of Davis-Bacon in emergency situations.
·        Has flipped flopped on his positions regarding unions. He routinely supported them but then abandoned them as soon as he started running for President. 
·        In 1993, Santorum was one of 17 House Republicans who sided with most Democrats in backing a Clinton administration bill to protect striking employees from being permanently replaced by their employers.
·        Rick Santorum has repeatedly attacked Mitt Romney in several debates about RomneyCare yet he endorsed RomneyCare
·        He also supported President George W. Bush’s big government entitlement program Medicare Plan Part D. 
·        He supported Arlen Specter against Pat Toomey, and thereby provided Obama, years later, with his final critical vote for the “Affordable Care Act,” or Obamacare.
·        Don't forget his embarrassing involvement in the Terri Schaivo case. 
·        He voted for Alaska's Bridge To Nowhere. 
·        He voted against confirming Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense in 2006.  
·        Rick Santorum also voted for mandatory Federal child care funding.
·        He voted no on the Employer Verify Amendment (S AMDT 4177) 
·        Voted yes on English As National Language Amendment (S AMDT 4064) which would have made English the official language of the United States but voted against the on the English as Unifying Language Amendment (S AMDT 4073) which requires that all services or materials provided by the U.S. government to be only done in English. This vote doesn't make sense to me since he wants to make English the official language of the U.S. but doesn't want our government to publish all documents only in English. 
·        In 2005, Santorum voted against the Reduction in Dependence on Foreign Oil (S AMDT 784) that sets a goal to decrease imports of foreign oil by 40 percent over the next 20 years.
·        He voted twice in support of Fedex Unionization
·        He voted for a law to require a union representative on an IRS oversight board and also voted to exempt IRS union representative from criminal ethics laws.
·        He voted against creating independent Board of Governors to investigate IRS abuses
·        In 2001, he voted against eliminating the marriage tax penalty.
·        He voted for the Cesar Chavez Workplace Fairness Act (HR 5) which prohibits employers from hiring permanent replacements when employees strike over wages or benefits
·        Unbelievable , he voted against Off-budget Lockbox Amendment (S Amdt 3690) which would protect Social Security surpluses and move Medicare trust fund surpluses off budget to prevent using them for other purposes. This bill alone would have helped save America tons of money and help us reduce our national deficit.