Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I was fortunate enough to make the acquaintance of Mitt Romney's friend of 50 years via the magic of social media. He has agreed to be a guest on an upcoming Hair on Fire Radio Show to tell the story of his friendship and support of Mitt Romney.       
From: Donald Huber
My half century friendship with George Romney, and his family, began on the day the attached picture was taken in January 1962 when my MSU/DCL Law School Professor Dr. Harold Norris (R) took me (L) to Lansing, MI to meet his adversarial friend and Constitutional Convention colleague... a man he said debated, sounded, and thought like me, and vice versa. My mentor and protégé relationship with George W. Romney (M), lasted for 33 years up to his passing in August 1995. My youngest daughter Nicole and I were proud to be asked to join and sit with the Romney family at the 1995 George Romney memorial and funeral in suburban Detroit.
My friendship with the next and 45TH PRESIDENT OF THIS GREAT UNION OF FIFTY UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, W. Mitt Romney, has now lasted 50 years.

In troubled economic times of another era, as a staff member of George Romney’s first Michigan Gubernatorial campaign, while in grad school, on election night, November 6th, 1962, my wife “Q” and I had dinner with the Romney’s and the staff. Later that evening I was privileged to be able to escort Governor-Elect George Romney to our election night headquarters hotel ballroom to go before the media cameras and microphones to address our staff, supporters and a nationwide audience to accept victory as our new Governor.

Coincidentally in today’s equally troubled economic era, on November 6th, 2012 as we all watch the Presidential election returns it will be the precise 50th anniversary to the day, the hour and the minute when I sat with the Romney’s on November 6, 1962 watching and tabulating the returns as my boss become Michigan's new Governor! My wife “Q” believes there is a special meaning behind such coincidences in life!

This statement is a message from my wife and I, about a trusted friend, from our perspective as life-long, conservative-leaning, 14th and 13th generation American patriots, respectively, who, like Mitt Romney, are of the Christian faith but we are of different protestant denominations.

We proudly speak from a personal and ancestral history of many in-blood and in-law familial Republican affiliations. Our combined marital family tree dates to pre-colonial America, and includes two signers of the Declaration of Independence, two occupants of the White House, four Cabinet Secretaries, a U.S. Senator, a member of the U.S. House, a N.Y. State Governor and a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, among other public and private sector leaders who, post 1854, were all proud members of the G.O.P. Our combined family also includes great great grandparents who are believed to have attended the July 6th, 1854 conclave under the Oaks on Morgan’s Forty near Jackson, MI, where the Grand Old Party was said to have been founded, which was not far from their family homestead outside Mason, Michigan.

I hold an undergraduate degree in Economics and Political Science, and a doctorate in Law degree. I did a brief Public Administration and International Law internship at the United Nations in the early 1960’s where I studied under Ambassadors V.K. Khrisna Menon, of India, Valerian Zorin, of the USSR and Sir Patrick Dean, of the UK.

Over my career I taught Constitutional and other law related college subjects, and at one time I taught International Law in a Midwest U.S. Law School.

Although never considered a career politico, nor a political party operative, I have had friendships with six Republican and Democrat governors and I twice ran for and was elected to a local legislative office. With primary contests each time, I won all four of those races by 3 or 4 to 1 pluralities over opponents.

I have never been known as an inside-the-beltway DC political operative, yet in my five decade adult life I have befriended, served and traveled on occasion as a personal aide with seven men who sought, and four of which actually served and held the title of U.S. Commander-in-Chief. (Richard M. Nixon, Gerald R. Ford, Ronald W. Reagan & George H.W. Bush)

As a result of my education, all these learning experiences and my up close and personal first hand leadership observations, I feel a slight bit better qualified than the average citizen to speak on the best qualifications and credentials that make for a great potential leader.

Sage wisdom suggests you learn more about a person by talking to someone who knows them. I now therefore voluntarily speak when the public, the media and the political skeptics, not to mention the political ideologues and religious bigots, with ulterior motives, open their mouths and ask “Who is this man, Willard Mitt Romney?”

Having known George and Mitt Romney as friends for 33 and 50 years, respectively, I can speak to and attest to Mitt Romney being from among the most honest, honorable, decent, moral, ethical, Christian religious, nationally patriotic and personally reliable of all Americans. He is from among the most reputable, respectable, responsible, reliable, talented, truthful, trustworthy and intelligent in our entire population and of the highest degree of integrity one could ever hope to meet and know.

He is well educated and has been a successful and exemplary leader in his entire personal, social, family and civic life dealings, and has a proven successful track record in the world of business, problem solving and especially in the turnaround arena. As a business leader he cut jobs where necessary to save a core enterprise from total bankruptcy which could prevent even more jobs being lost. He created jobs whenever possible by salvaging and growing a brighter future for the business.

My old but still younger friend is a successful and experienced business leader with an honorable, undeniably respectable and indisputably commendable proven track record of successes. He is NOT a Career Politico, who has spent most of his life eating at the public trough and sucking on the hind tit of our cherished Ms Liberty for his liquid nourishment. He is NOT a claimed reformed rascal. Nor is he a man who was ever reprimanded for unethical behavior. He is NOT a person who was ever charged with criminal conduct, nor an individual alleged to have had an immoral life style. Mitt Romney is an American who has NEVER been alleged to have been a serial violator of family values, traditional Republican beliefs or real historical American Conservative principles.

Mitt Romney is NOT a “flip-flopper” but a reasonable person willing to listen and accept new and better ideas when he hears them.

Mitt recognizes that Lobbying may have its place in educating and informing public officials, but lobbyists, with their free-wheeling handouts of millions to “consultants” and office holders have often stepped over the bounds of propriety emphasizing the need for legitimate campaign finance reform.

As a life-long student of the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Presidency, Free Enterprise economics, the American political system and our great democracy I say emphatically the HONORABLE W. MITT ROMNEY is the last, best and ONLY hope left for saving America, restoring the U.S. Constitution, rebuilding our nation’s reputation in the world and renewing a prosperous economy for our future.

I know he recognizes we are a government of the people, by the people and for the people, and that means ALL THE PEOPLE! He knows that we are an elected representative Republic form of limited Constitutional governance by democracy. He recognizes it is the government’s primary duty to defend the nation from all enemies foreign and domestic and that includes securing our borders and defending our homeland from any kind of attack or invasion. He believes the voice of the people must always be heard, the consent of the governed must always be sought and ascertained and the will of the MAJORITY of ALL Americans is the sole source and power of any democratic government.

Mitt Romney can change the nasty, negative and mean-spirited partisan political bickering in Washington and make our inefficient, ineffective and non-functioning government proudly function properly once again. He is an honorable and integrity focused leader who can turn around the unethical and distasteful reputation of the career politico public servants and rebuild our faith and trust in public service.

He believes our leadership must focus on the most important underlying foundation principle of decision-making for the continued success and survival of this great democracy. He understands that all decisions of government should therefore in the final instance be based upon what is in the E Pluribus Unum common good best interests of all America and for all Americans, first, foremost and ONLY!

He can calm the public and private demonstration atmosphere that is prevalent in the nation today, and he can and will return civility to the public discourse in government circles, the political arena and in the public square on Main Street, USA! Under his ethical leadership he will refocus our vision, he will reclaim our world leader role, he will rebuild that shiny city on a hill, he will refocus and realign our national priorities and he will reinvigorate for us a new America as he restores our fiscal sanity and leads us on to a bright and prosperous future.

Given the chance I know my friend Mitt Romney will steady the hand, speak the heart and revive the all important voice of We the People!

My old but still younger friend, Tim Yenmor, is aka: The Honorable W. Mitt Romney
By your friends,

Donald G. and “Q” Huber
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