Sunday, March 25, 2012


The Real Obama: The imperial presidency

Shocking revelations about plans to bypass congressional restrictions that prohibit funding for Egyptian military..$1.5 Billion dollars to radical Egyptian government with a majority of Muslim Brotherhood..


SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST: Now, with something we have warned about in this program for more than a year and thanks to President Barack Obama, the United States of America is preparing to send $1.5 billion to the radical extremist inside the Muslim brotherhood but, of course, the shocking story is not leading any of the newscast of the mainstream Obama-mania media. Though you will only hear about this as our vetting of the President continues tonight in "The Real Obama."
Now, this massive sum of money was set aside by the White House for the purpose of funding the Egyptian military. However, Congress blocked it from being handed over due to concerns about the anti-democracy movement that is now griping that country. But the breaking news today comes to us from the State Department where Secretary Hillary Clinton announced that she will issue a waiver to circumvent the will of Congress. Now, according to our report, from democratic Senator Patrick Leahy, Clinton will certify that Egypt is meeting its obligations under its peace treaty with Israel and that means $1.5 billion tax will soon start flowing to the Egyptian government and, yes, that means the Muslim brotherhood. Now, it pains me to say this, and I will prove this with the tape we have tonight but I told you so.
Here with reaction to this scary developing story and helping us continue our vetting of President Obama is Dr. Zuhdi Jasser. He is the president and the founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy. Now, first of all, she is saying they are meeting their obligations. Money as I understand it has not been allocated. Congress tried to stop it. Here is the problem the new government of Egypt in the last week has just declared Israel their number one enemy, did they not, sir?
DR. ZUHDI JASSER, PRESIDENT, AMERICAN ISLAMIC FORUM FOR DEMOCRACY: Yes, they did. And Sean, I'm so glad you are bringing attention to this. Our government continues to operate while the Middle East is going through convulsions in an Arab Spring. Our own democracy is now facilitating the oppressors, the future oppressors, the next generation of fascist that have gone from secular fascist to Mubarak, now to theocratic fascist and we want to circumvent our own democratic process so that we can have a discussion about who our real allies are and have an administration that is I think even beyond naive is actually facilitating the loss of liberty in the Middle East. And does not have a doctrine. We need to have a conversation. This money we have determined in the '90s and even before that you can't buy allies. Mubarak radicalized his population with our dollars and now these dollars will go to put into place a Sharia state and Islamic state which parliament now has 70 percent Muslim brotherhood on it. And yet, we can't have a national conversation whether my tax money, I as an American-Muslim, whether that tax money should go to fund the Islamist oppressors of minorities, of women in Egypt.
HANNITY: All right. This is a very interesting point. Because you're saying, the United States of America now, we're going to go through exactly who the Muslim brotherhood is. Now, during the Arab spring, they were saying and they were the likely successors to Mubarak as bad as Mubarak was, he was a dictator, he did keep the peace with Israel for 30 years. They were saying prepare for war with Israel. One of the first ac acts is to say that Israel is our primary enemy. The Mullahs in Iran are now saying that, we've got Israel surrounded. This is not a good situation for a cause as ally. So, they are bypassing Congress. Now, I want to go back because I don't understand and this is part of the vetting of the President, how a President could be this wrong on something so basic.
Now, first I want to put up a full screen quote of the President saying, look when Congress is not willing to act he said, we're going to go ahead and we will do it ourselves but it would be nice if we could get a little help from Capitol Hill. Now, let's go back to the Arab Spring where the news media in this country and the President were talking about democracy and the change and freedom is in the air. We now know they were wrong. Here is what the President said then.

PRES. BARACK OBAMA (D), UNITED STATES: I do have an unyielding belief that all people yearn for certain things. The ability to speak your mind. And have a say in how you are governed and that is why we will support them everywhere. These rights include free speech. The freedom of peaceful assembly. The freedom of religion. Equality for men and women under the rule of law. And the right to choose your own leaders. Whether you live in Baghdad or Damascus, Sana'a or Tehran, you have an Arab Spring in the Middle East that promises more democracy and more human rights for people.
We will support policies that lead to strong and stable democracies and open markets because tyranny is no match for liberty.

HANNITY: Now, I was warning at the time, I'm going to play a tape of myself at the time and I was attacked as being, quote, "Muslim Brotherhood obsessed." Now, they and the extremists have won, they come into power and they now are threatening Israel. Here is what I said at the time.

HANNITY: My skepticism is that we will going to see the Muslim Brotherhood, ElBaradei or some type of extremists as bad as Mubarak, some type of extremist element take over in Egypt. What I'm worried about is that has now been hijacked by the Muslim brotherhood and those that want to take power which will put in place a far worse dictatorship than we are seeing now.
I keep preferring back to the Muslim brotherhood and their goal, they are radical Islamists. They are a danger to the Middle East, to Israel our closest ally and to us. What part of the Muslim brotherhood their desire for Sharia law and Islamic caliphate that they understand -- I really believe that the Muslim brotherhood is a clear present danger.
HANNITY: I don't have the intelligence. Why don't you walk us through the Muslim brotherhood, their original mission was to spread Islam, radical Islam and Sharia law. They have the support of al-Qaeda and other extremists. Hamas began as a branch of the Muslim brotherhood. Tell us who this Muslim brotherhood is that we are going to give 1.5 billion taxpayer dollars to.
JASSER: Well, the Muslim brotherhood basically has many different forms, that has a violent form such as al-Qaeda or Hamas and it has this n evangelical fell political movement form that uses democracy to get into power but it's a one way street in which then minorities and others don't have power when the source of law becomes not freedom and liberty but rather Islamic domination and Islamic supremacism and the cleric's way to determine what is law. And unfortunately, this administration not only abroad but domestically has partnered with the wrong groups, groups that facilitate Sharia and Islamism, domestically like the council on American Islamic Relations, Islamic Center of America. Groups that came out of that environment in Egypt and until we have an administration with the courage to identify, our war is not against all Islam or all Muslims. In fact, we need to take sides within the house of Islam so say that we're going to advocate for liberty and not give our money to the strong horse and those people that claim to be our allies.
HANNITY: But the problem is that public opinion polls in Egypt showed that they wanted a theocracy. You know, and this paved their way for the brotherhood and this was disturbing. You know, the Egyptian Muslim brotherhood, you know, that is where Bin Laden's top deputy Ayman al- Zawahiri. That's where Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. They came out of this. Extremist element of the brotherhood, they said they prepared for war in Israel while the Arab Spring was going on. How is it that I as a talk show host pinpointed exactly what would happen and the president of the United States with every bit of intelligence he has got it wrong and now is going to fund this radical government in Egypt?
JASSER: Well, because the agenda, your agenda Sean is one of advancing freedom and liberty and American ideals that every human being across the world just as George Bush mentioned in the freedom agenda wants innate rights guaranteed by God. This administration unfortunately has another agenda whether it's collectivists, socialists and economics, it bonds with anybody that wants to create sort of an environment where democracy is used to bring into power the collectivists and often times autocrats. And I think, this is something we need to identify and pinpoint and tell America that their tax dollars. You know, listen, I don't think the Middle East has to any longer be torn between two choices, either secular fascism or theocracy. Just as the west went to reform, and Christianity separated church and state in the West and we got our wonderful United States after revolution. These revolutions in the Middle East, Jeffersonian principles have not had any chance to survive in the Middle East. Why don't we advocate for those and beginning now and not fund our enemy?
HANNITY: As you said, we should not facilitate the rise of radical extremism and by supporting the Muslim brotherhood and supporting Egypt and their new government that is declared that Israel is their enemy, I believe we are doing just that. Thank you for being with us. And we continue, we have more of the vetting of the President tonight on HANNITY. Also, a shocking report, a left wing band is calling on people to blast their song that talks about killing Rush Limbaugh. All those details coming up tonight. And it is like he had a glimpse into the future. Wait until you hear the chilling warning from the legendary Paul Harvey. A warning to America that he gave back in 1965. You will see how relevant it is today. But first, this is not a joke. But the President now says, that he is not to blame for Solyndra. We will tell you who he is pointing fingers at next.