Monday, January 30, 2012

New Bill to Help Create Jobs, Lower Gas Prices, Repair Infrastructure -- Without Earmarks
January 30, 2012 | Posted by Speaker Boehner's Press Office |
Speaker John Boehner told ABC News that President Obama's policies “have not worked” and actually “made the economy worse.” And while Senate Democrats continue to delay a vote on nearly 30 bipartisan House-passed jobs bills, the House will vote in the coming weeks on a new bill that will expand American energy production to help create jobs, lower gas prices, and repair America's roads and bridges -- without earmarks. Watch Boehner's interview here and learn more below:

Nearly 30 House-Passed Jobs Are Still Awaiting a Vote in the Democratic-Controlled Senate
  • Nearly 30 House-passed bills that would help create new private-sector jobs are still awaiting a vote by Senate Democrats. As Speaker Boehner told ABC News, “if the president won’t work with us to help create jobs, I’m sure the American people will elect someone who will.”
  • President Obama should “listen to his own jobs council” and urge the Senate to pass these GOP jobs bills, says Speaker Boehner. There's “an awful lot of unanimity between the bills that we're passing and what his own jobs council is calling for,” says Boehner. Click here for a comparison.
  • Here's how President Obama's policies have made things worse.

There Will Be No Earmarks in the American Energy & Infrastructure Jobs Act
  • This is a big change. A 2005 highway bill, for example, had more than 6,300 earmarks. Like every other bill passed since the Republican majority banned earmarks, H.R. 7 will be earmark free.
Keystone XL Jobs Project May Be Part of the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act
  • Republicans answered questions about the popular Keystone XL project following the State of the Union via Twitter. Here's one example from Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA).
Extending the Payroll Tax Cut Can be Resolved Quickly
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