Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bain Capital Partner in Network...
CC Media Holdings, Inc.
Type Private
Industry Entertainment, Advertising
Founded 1972
Headquarters San Antonio, Texas, U.S.
Key people Bob Pittman, CEO[1]
Products Radio, Billboards
Revenue increase$6.82 billion USD (2007)[2]
Net income increase$938.5 million USD (2007)[2]
Owner(s) Bain Capital
Thomas H. Lee Partners
Employees 18,115 full-time
Website http://www.clearchannel.com

On every major newscast and those done by Fox it's like Perry is not a candidate.
In South Carolina's debate on the wrap after debate Perry was not mentioned.
I changed channels...The big boys are going with the big money Romney, Bain Capital is a partner of Clear Channel radio which is the home of talk radio host an affiliated with Fox.  News talk stations owned by Clear Channel usually have a standard slate of hosts. The morning show is usually local, with other timeslots filled by local and syndicated hosts. Programs that appear on many Clear Channel talk stations include the Glenn Beck Program -- getting his talk show start at Clear Channel owned WFLA (AM) in Tampa, The Rush Limbaugh Show, The Sean Hannity Show, America Now with Andy Dean and Coast to Coast AM, all of which are affiliated with Premiere Radio Networks in some fashion. The Savage Nation (which was until September 2009 flagshipped at Clear Channel's KNEW-910), The Mark Levin Show and The Dave Ramsey Show are non-Premiere shows who air on many (if not most) Clear Channel stations. Limbaugh is almost universally carried on Clear Channel stations in markets where the company has a news talk station, with the exception of markets such as Washington, DC and San Francisco, CA, where ABC Radio (which previously was Limbaugh's home network) has a news talk station in the market. New Clear Channel talk radio stations have typically been using the branding "Rush Radio," while most older ones use a more generic "News Radio" or "News Talk."
While most of Clear Channel's news/talk stations carry some combination of Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage and Noory (of Coast to Coast AM), this is not always the case. Many stations (particularly in the larger markets) like KFI, KFYI, KOA, WZZR and WLW broadcast a lineup with significant local programming.
Clear Channel does not operate any all-news radio stations. For a brief time in the late 2000s, KFXR in Dallas ran a direct feed of HLN under the on-air name CNN 1190, but KFXR dropped that format in 2009. Almost all of Clear Channel's primary talk stations are affiliated with Fox News Radio for national news, part of a multi-year deal between Clear Channel and Fox.
I was at The Iowa Caucus and it was a joke has no meaning is not a binding election. You don’t have to be registered to vote or show ID. You can walk in off the street and give an address in the precinct and vote. It’s a sham a fundraiser for the State of Iowa and the state GOP. On 04 Jan 2012 05:23 AM PST I posted “Iowa Caucus Much Over Rated” about the sham/scam that the Iowa Caucus is. The Iowa Caucus was a GOP and you didn’t need to show you were a Republican to vote. The GOP needs to step up to the plate and insure that a GOP vote valid by requiring you show your ID and a voter registration card in every state. Now we find New Hampshire is just as bad…
New Hampshire isn’t any better view the video New Hampshire Shows How Easy Vote Fraud Can Be… View Video http://youtu.be/9-uVhhIlPk0 The media needs to quit touting these like it’s the be all and end all. According to this Romney has not won squat. Until all states have voted the GOP would be making a mistake to wrap up nomination before all 50 states vote. Disfranchising 49 states right to vote. The irony is that we send envoy’s to other nations to monitor their elections and we don’t/can’t/won’t monitor election of the most powerful person in the world, The PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Suggestion Congress needs to pass a voter ID LAW.