Monday, January 16, 2012

With Dave Barton on Wall Builders
Governor Rick Perry for President. He is the only candidate that has created an environment to create jobs and the plan for America to do so. Cut, Balance, and Grow • Energizing American Jobs and Security.Supports a  flat tax, a balanced budget, job creation, domestic energy, a secure border. To get America working again, He is a conservative of conviction, not of convenience. Has signed 6 balanced budget during his term as governor and the only one to do so since WW11. Why choose a candidate that has been in DC forever and voted to create the things they are now running against. Perry is the only candidate that has current experience in creating an environment for job growth. We have along way to go before every state has had their say.GOP making a mistake to wrap up nomination before all 50 states vote.Disfranchising 49 states right to vote.