Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stuck In The Mud

Obama’s Economic Policies Have Left The Nation’s Economy Sputtering On Several Fronts....

Front: One


The National Average For Regular Gas Is $3.98. (“Daily Fuel Gauge Report,” AAA, Accessed 5/4/11)

Gasoline Prices Have Doubled Since Obama Took Office. “Feeling pain at the pump? Gas prices have doubled since Mr. Obama took office.” (James S. Robbins, “Gasoline Up 100% Under Obama,” The Washington Times’ “Water Cooler” Blog, 3/30/11)

  • Gas Price Hikes Are “Relentless.” “The relentless rise in retail gasoline prices continued over the last week, the U.S. Energy Department said, with some analysts predicting that fuel prices could test record highs.” (Ronald D. White, “Gasoline Prices Climb In California And The Nation,” Los Angeles Times, 4/19/11)

71 Percent Of Americans Say The Rise In Gas Prices Caused Financial Hardship For Them And Their Families. (Washington Post/ABC News Poll, 1001 A, MoE 3.5%,4/14-17/11)
Five Dollar A Gallon Gas Could “Tip The Nation Back Into Recession.” “If gas were to go to $5 a gallon and stay there, some analysts believe, it could erase the steady gains the economy is making and tip the nation back into recession because Americans would sharply curtail their spending elsewhere.” (Michelle R. Smith, “No Break This Spring At The Gas Pump,” The Associated Press,
Source: Research Republican National Committee