Friday, May 20, 2011


President Obama gave a speech on May 19, 2011 strongly suggesting that Israel turn back time to 1967 before the 6 day war and redefine today's borders of Israel that existed in 1967.
Who, in the hell does Obama think he is? Does he believe his own press that he is "The Anointed One"?  Who has the right to tell a nation where their borders should be.
Obama's aides and advisers believe that is the best solution to achieve peace..Most probably weren't born until after the six day war or were too young to remember it. I didn't hear him mention what was to become of all the improvements that Israel has made to a barren waste land. Before it became an Israel Nation all it was good for was to  house Bedouin tents and camel dung.
Obama is seeking a settlement freeze in the West Bank. Key aides in his administration are convinced that the further Israel expands its footprint beyond its pre-1967 borders, the harder achieving peace will become.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his aides are mega size above furious. be
·        Quote; "There can be only one meaning to this demand: It is an attempt to determine Israel's borders and the ultimate status of the areas in question in advance of negotiations," the Israeli prime minister says. "We shall never agree to such a step." An aide to the prime minister is even more dramatic, calling the old armistice line the "borders of Auschwitz."
 Obama is giving the Arabs "carte blanche" for ethnic cleansing of the Israeli Jews. be
·        Quote; The boundaries President Obama endorsed Thursday as Israel’s future borders would leave the country, at its narrowest point, nine miles wide between “Palestine” and the Mediterranean Sea.
·        By declaring that the Palestinian state should border Jordan, Obama furthermore implied that Israel should not retain possession of the strategic Jordan Valley, the strip of land immediately to the west of the Jordan River. A succession of Israeli governments, right and left, together with generations of top military officers, have argued that a military presence there is essential for future security.
·        President Barack Obama has made an unprecedented demand on Israel, Jewish leaders said Thursday, after the president called for Israel to redraw its borders to where they were in 1967 before the Six Day War. One rabbi said Obama was, in essence, asking for "ethnic cleansing" of thousands of Jewish families.
·        “It’s immoral in that basically the president of the United States is asking that 500,000 people who live, work, and raise families around Jerusalem – Jewish families – that they be uprooted, resettled, deported from their homes, have their families broken,” Rabbi Aryeh Spero, founder of Caucus for America, told
·        “The president of the United States is asking for ethnic cleansing,” said Rabbi Spero. “It’s ironic that the president, who speaks in humanitarian tones regarding the Palestinians, doesn’t have any humanitarian concerns toward 500,000 Jewish people and families that will be uprooted and deported from their homes.”
·        Obama made the demand on Israel during a speech on the Middle East, delivered at the State Department on Thursday, as a way to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But Spero believes Obama was not being honest.