Wednesday, May 18, 2011

                        OBAMA'S CONTEMPT FOR THE PRESS

“The President Hasn't Taken Questions From The Press Since April 5, And Then He Only Called On Four Reporters.” (Julie Mason, “Obama’s One-Way Conversation,” Politico, 5/17/11)

Barbara at American Freedom thinks Obma doesn't want to take off the cuff
questions...his telepromter hasn't been programed to answer.

Obama Has A “Genuine” Disdain For The Media. “While Obama’s disdain for the media has always been, by all accounts, quite genuine, he’s also a proven master of the froth he disdains, skillfully navigating the treacherous questions of race and experience in a presidential campaign that echoed in his appearance Tuesday.” (Ben Smith, “Obama Takes On The Freak Show,” Politico, 4/27/11)
His disdain showed when anyone white when he threw his grandmother to the jackels..

Obama’s White House Has A Rare “Level Of Anger” Aimed At The Press. “In April 2010, Bloomberg’s Ed Chen, president of the White House Correspondent’s Association, met with then-Press Secretary Robert Gibbs to hash out complaints about limitations on the press, saying, ‘In my 10-plus years at the White House, rarely have I sensed such a level of anger ... over White House practices and attitudes toward the press.’” (Hillary Chabot, “White House Shuts Out Herald Scribe,” The Boston Herald, 5/18/11)
Anger because the press and the people were sold a bill of goods..Bait and switch reins surpreme...

“Obama, It Seems, Does Not Like The Uncontrolled Q&A.” (Julie Mason, “Obama’s Leeriness Of The Press,” Politico, 3/2/11)
Again teleprompter not programed.. He would get off message..

·        “Why Should You Care? It Goes To Accountability.”(Julie Mason, “Obama’s Leeriness Of The Press,” Politico, 3/2/11)

Obama Has “An Aversion” To Unscripted Sessions With The Press. “Obama in particular appears to have an aversion to the brief sessions -- typically, featuring the pool in the Oval Office -- that are a stock way for the White House to lead the news, get their message out and do it via the president, without all the angsty prep of a major presser.” (Julie Mason, “Obama’s Leeriness Of The Press,” Politico, 3/2/11)

The Obama Way: “Government-By-Press-Release.” “It was during the budget impasse, and since then we've seen the birth certificate, the end of Osama bin Laden, a deficit crisis looming, a big immigration reform push, the resignation of his Mideast peace envoy and more -- all without questions, all government-by-press-release.” (Julie Mason, “Obama’s One-Way Conversation,” Politico, 5/17/11

Source: Republican national Committee Research,