Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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Wednesday May 11, 2011
Hair on Fire 7 P.M.
Host:Barbara: Publisher of American Freedom
Co-Host:Randy Pullen
Former AZGOP Chairman and RNC Treasurer
Co-Host and Tech Support: Charles Long

Guest: Constantin Querard
“One of Arizona’s Top 5 Movers & Shakers”Arizona Capitol Times (Jan, 2011)
Constantin Querard is the founder and president of Discessio, LLC and High Noon Campaign Products, LLC (a vender of campaign products, including direct mail, television and radio production, and more).
Constantin is an original founder of the Arizona Family Project, an
Arizona non-profit focused on involving Arizona's families in the public policy process, and he served as the organization's Executive Director for several years. He continues to share his expertise with pro-family activists by teaching various training schools and by speaking to pro-family and by speaking groups across Arizona. His pro-family work history also includes serving as the Executive Director of Citizens for Arizona Policy and CAP-PAC, as well as Director of Development for Arizona Right to Life.Constantin has been active in Arizona and Colorado politics for more than two decades, working on a variety of campaigns for pro-family candidates and causes. He has also managed campaigns for candidates from the State Legislative level to the U.S. Senate. His work in Arizona over the last few election cycles is widely credited for shifting the Arizona State Legislature to the right, earning him kudos from conservative groups and the collective wrath of liberal media outlets and assorted left-wing groups.