Saturday, May 14, 2011

Grounding Job Creators
Obama Administration Once Again Proves Willing To Do Bidding Of Union Boss Cronies No Matter How Many Jobs It Costs....

“[T]he Federal Government Lobbed A Grenade Into The Palmetto State, Challenging A Private Industry’s Right To Conduct Business There.”(Kathleen Parker, Op-Ed, “The NLRB Fires A Shot South Carolina Can’t Ignore,” The Washington Post, 4/22/11)

The National Labor Relations Board Has Declared That Boeing Opening A New Plant In South Carolina Would Be “Illegal.” “At issue is whether Boeing, which is slated to open a plant this summer in North Charleston and create thousands of jobs, can legally do so. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) contends in a complaint recently filed against Boeing that the company can’t open its plant in ‘right to work’ South Carolina because the move is allegedly motivated by an attempt to avoid strikes and thus intimidate Boeing workers elsewhere.”(Kathleen Parker, Op-Ed, “The NLRB Fires A Shot South Carolina Can’t Ignore,” The Washington Post, 4/22/11)

        · “[The NLRB] Filed A Complaint Demanding That An Administrative Law Judge Halt The South Carolina Plant (Set To Open In July), And Force Boeing To Move Production To Washington.” (Editorial, “Congress Vs. The NLRB,” The Wall Street Journal,5/4/11)
Boeing Has “Already Poured Billions Into The Facilities And Have Hired 1,000 Workers.” “Boeing, a vital U.S. company, wants to build a plant in South Carolina and bring good-paying manufacturing jobs to the state. They've already poured billions into the facilities and have hired 1,000 workers. But the NLRB filed a lawsuit last month to force Boeing back to Washington state, where workers would be represented by a union.” (Editorial, “Killing Jobs In South Carolina,” The Denver Post, 5/2/11)

Savannah Morning Herald: The NRLB’s Action Against Boeing Is “A Shocking And Frightening Display Of Washington Interference.” “In a shocking and frightening display of Washington interference, the National Labor Relations Board has taken unprecedented legal action against The Boeing Company to prevent it from expanding production in the Palmetto State. Why? Because the federal board claims that a private company that creates jobs in a right-to-work state like South Carolina is engaging in an ‘unfair labor practice.’”(Editorial, “Boeing Plant: Job Killing In S.C.,” The Savannah Morning Herald, 5/5/11)

       · Savannah Morning Herald: The NLRB’s Action “Is An Attack On States That Have Faster Job Growth And Faster Income Growth Than Forced Unionism States.” “The attempt by the NLRB to block Boeing is an attack on states that have faster job growth and faster income growth than forced unionism states. Mr. Obama must live up to his pro-job promise and show that right-to-work states are part of America, too.”(Editorial, “Boeing Plant: Job Killing In S.C.,” The Savannah Morning Herald, 5/5/11)

Obama Used Recess Appointment To Place Union Boss Lawyer Craig Becker On The National Labor Relations Board, Even Though Senate Rejected Him. “Mr. Becker says he ‘worked with and provided advice’ to SEIU Local 880 in Chicago … one of two SEIU locals currently in the national spotlight for its deep ties with Acorn … Acorn co-founder Wade Rathke praised Mr. Becker by name … ‘For my money, Craig’s signal contribution has been his work in crafting and executing the legal strategies and protections which have allowed the effective organization of informal workers ...” (Editorial, “Acorn’s Ally At The NLRB,” The Wall Street Journal, 10/15/09; Cloture Motion On Craig Becker, Of Illinois, To Be A Member Of The National Labor Relations Board, Senate Roll Call Vote #22, Rejected 52-33, D 50-2, R 0-33, 2/9/10)

Unions Pushed Hard For Becker Because They Believed Much Of Their Top Priorities Which Democrats Failed To Push Through Congress Could “Be Realized Through The Rule-Making Power Of The NLRB.” “The battle over nominations to the NLRB, even more than EFCA, may be what really determines the extent of labor's gains under Obama. Should Obama persevere and see his nominations confirmed, there is reason to believe that much of what organized labor hopes to accomplish via EFCA will be realized through the rule-making power of the NLRB.” (Dmitri Iglitzin and Steven Hill, “Obama’s Pro-Union Nominations to Labor Relations Board Stalled,” The Huffington Post, 01/25/10)
Becker Worked As Lawyer For Both SEIU And AFL-CIO. “Becker, an associate general counsel to both the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the AFL-CIO, is being treated by business trade groups as someone who could institute parts of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) through executive action if confirmed ...” (Kevin Bogardus, “Labor Board Nominee Heats Up Battle Over Union-Organizing Rules," The Hill, 01/25/10)

       · WSJ Editorial: “[Former SEIU President] Andy Stern’s Go-To Guy: Meet Craig Becker, Labor’s Secret Weapon.”(Editorial, “Andy Stern’s Go-To Guy,” The Wall Street Journal, 5/14/09)

Obama Signed Executive Order Allowing Agencies To Require That Federal Contractors On Construction Projects Use Unionized Workers. “The revisions to the Federal Acquisition Regulation implement a February 2009 executive order in which President Obama encouraged agencies to consider requiring PLAs for construction projects worth more than $25 million. The final rule provides agencies with the discretion to decide if using the agreements would reduce costs and result in a more efficient contract… The agreements require project employees to receive union-approved wages and benefits, even if they do not belong to a union.”(Robert Brodsky, “Senator Rips Collective Bargaining Agreements On Federal Construction Projects,” Government Executive, 4/20/10)

      · This Will Hurt Small Businesses By Making It “Harder [For Them] To Win Government Work.” “Smaller businesses will find it harder to win government work. Even if they put in better bids, many can’t match the benefits offered by big companies, or always meet the government’s plans to impose a new ‘livable wage’ standard for employees of its contract firms. This is like putting the Davis-Bacon Act on steroids … the 1931 legislation that continues to distort federal spending by establishing ‘a prevailing wage’ standard for public works projects, which in practice means the top local union wage.”(Editorial, “Procuring The Union Agenda,” The Wall Street Journal, 3/9/10)

        · It Will Also Raise Construction Costs And Discriminates Against 85 Percent Of Construction Workers “Who Choose Not To Join A Union.” “Building trade groups said pushing contractors to agree to such agreements with unions could drive up the costs of public construction by nearly 20% and discriminate against what they said are more than the 85% of the U.S. construction workforce members who choose not to join a union.”(Melanie Trottman, “Unions Win Public-Contract Row,” The Wall Street Journal, 4/13/10)
Obama Preparing To Issue Another Executive Order That Mandates All Federal Agencies To Require All Potential Contractors To Discloses “Certain Political Contributions.” “A draft of the order mandates that all contracting departments and agencies within the federal government require ‘all entities submitting offers for federal contracts to disclose certain political contributions that may have been made within the two years prior to submission of their offer.’” (Jordan Fabian, “WH: Order On Political Contributions A Work In Progress,” The Hill, 4/25/11)

       · Unions Are Not Included In The Order, Which “Seems Like A Pretty Cynical Use Of Government Power.” “Since unions are not included in this proposed order, the target here is clearly the business firms that received more than $500 billion in government contracts last year. In other words, the administration appears to be trying to use the federal contracting process to dry up funding that would probably go to Republican-leaning causes or organizations. That seems like a pretty cynical use of government power.”(Editorial, “End Run: Proposed Contracting Disclosure Rule Could Harm Political Rights Of Businesses,”The Detroit News, 5/2/11)
Obama Also Signed Executive Order That Requires Employers To Post Information On Joining A Union. “The attainment of industrial peace is most easily achieved and workers’ productivity is enhanced when workers are well informed of their rights under Federal labor laws, including the National Labor Relations Act (Act), 29 U.S.C. 151 et seq. As the Act recognizes, ‘encouraging the practice and procedure of collective bargaining and . . . protecting the exercise by workers of full freedom of association, self organization, and designation of representatives of their own choosing, for the purpose of negotiating the terms and conditions of their employment or other mutual aid or protection’ … Relying on contractors whose employees are informed of such rights under Federal labor laws facilitates the efficient and economical completion of the Federal Government’s contracts ...” (President Barack Obama, Executive Order – Notification of Employee Rights Under Federal Labor Laws, The White House, 1/30/09)

      · But Repeals Requirement Of Union To Inform Employees That They Have Right To Work And Don’t Have To Join Union Or Pay Union Dues To Keep Their Jobs. “Revocation of Prior Order and Actions. Executive Order 13201 … is revoked.” (President Barack Obama, Executive Order – Notification of Employee Rights Under Federal Labor Laws, The White House, 1/30/09)
Another Obama-Issued Executive Order Forces Federal Contractors To Give Unions “A Right Of First Refusal” If Used By Previous Contractors. “It is the policy of the Federal Government that service contracts … shall include a clause that requires the contractor … under a contract that succeeds a contract for performance of the same or similar services at the same location, to offer those employees … employed under the predecessor contract whose employment will be terminated as a result of the award of the successor contract, a right of first refusal of employment under the contract in positions for which they are qualified.”(President Barack Obama, Executive Order – Non displacement of Qualified Workers Under Service Contracts, The White House, 1/30/09)
Source: Republican National Committee Research