Friday, May 13, 2011

AZ Gop Chairman Morrissey puts AZ Democrats on notice to call on Obama to secure the border.

Rancher Krentz Killed.. This is barrier?
In El Paso the President gave a pandering speech to the Hispanic community about how secure the border is and how Republicans will never be satisfied regardless of what's done. Republicans will be satisfied when the border is secure, the killings are stopped, drug and human smuggling is a thing of the past and illegal's are not INVADING our country. I agree with President Obama a MOAT with ALLIGATORS would solve the problem. As Commander in Chief he should be First to test it out and make sure the alligators are doing their job. # BE

Press Release May 13, 2011

Phoenix, AZ - In 2008 Presidential hopeful Barack Obama, preached for immigration reform stating “I fought with you in the Senate for comprehensive immigration reform. And I will make it a top priority in my first year as President.” This week, in a speech given in El Paso, President Obama Stated that “El Paso and other cities and towns along this border are consistently among the safest in the nation,” he contended that no amount of evidence would convince Republican leadership that the border is secure and that the time is right for immigration reform.

In response to the President’s speech, the Arizona Republican Party released a video to draw attention to the fact that now nearly three years after President Obama committed himself to immigration reform; our country has not seen any results aimed at addressing our current immigration issues.

Following the release of the video, which was intended to point out the flaws of our current presidential administration; Andrei Cherny and the state Democratic Party accused the state GOP that the release of the border security video, was aimed at highlighting the tragic deaths of two US Border Patrol agents killed early Thursday morning.

Speaking to the issue, Arizona Republican Party Chairman Tom Morrissey stated, “As tragic as these deaths are, what may be more tragic is the fact that Andrei Cherny and the Democrats would have you believe, that these deaths are nothing more than a political tool which can be used to propagate the Republican agenda. The truth is these brave individuals are heroes; they gave their lives defending our border, a border which needs defending due to the failure of the Obama Administration.”

Morrissey continued, “What is sickening is the fact that Cherny and the Democrats would attempt to use the two tragic deaths of these two American heroes to defer and detract from the real issue: Our President, our commander and chief, the leader of the free world is incapable of doing his job.It has been nearly three years since President Obama has taken office, and still he has failed to secure our borders. He has misled the American people, and worst yet he allows others to die as a result of his failed policies. Trick us once shame on you, trick us twice shame on us… It is time for President Obama to start doing his job and it is time for the Andrei Cherny and the Democrat Party to stop making excuses for him.”

“Mr. Cherny, no more smoke and mirrors, it is time for you to call on our President and the leader of your political party to secure the border,” concluded Morrissey.