Thursday, April 14, 2011


Obama's address needs to be changed to General Delivery, Anyplace but the USA.
Cutting the deficit is all smoke and mirrors, Obama  crowing about how much spending was cut..Well they may have agreed on cutting $38 Billion, but at the same time they spent $54 Billion..The debt is over $14 Trillion, what no one mentions is the interest that is paid on the 40 % of the debt that's paid with borrowed money. Last year the INTEREST ALONE WAS $413 BILLION DOLLARS........
The U.S. government is rushing toward bankruptcy, and the dollar continues to sink on world markets.
The dollar is declining in value world wide..
Gas price have increased by 64% since Obama has been in office. Now moving toward $5.00 a gallon.
Unemployment continues to be over 9 %
One in 46 homes in America have been foreclosed on.
Not protecting Americas borders.
Passing Obamacare behind closed doors in the mid of night.
Entering a war "Libya" without consent of Congress......
Defeat Barack Hussein Obama the first Mulatto elected in America as President, whose agenda is the destruction of our Liberties and Freedom.
Government Gone Wild Debt and the interest paid on debt....