Saturday, April 23, 2011

Radio Patriot

I just received this from my friend Andrea Shea King aka The Radio Patriot and is she really pissed at Karl Rove and Fox News for their dismissal of where Obama was born as being irrelevant. My comments for Andrea are in red.. Read and enjoy my friends wrath against  "The Architect" who has been accused by some bloggers as being responsible for Obama being elected because of his advice to President Bush. BE
Mr. Rove,

You have said, most recently on Sean Hannity's radio program this past Thursday afternoon that Obama's background is a "side issue", and that Obama loves that conservatives are questioning his place of birth. You said Obama is taking delight in the fact that Donald Trump is pressing so hard for him to produce his birth certificate, “because that’s exactly what Obama wants conservatives to do.”

Quoting you:

“I think it is deliberate on his part. I think he sat there and said: ‘You know what, if they [fall] into this trap, let’s just make it worse for them’ — if he didn’t want this issue out there, he could easily settle it, the fact that he doesn’t should tell us he wants it out there — he wants us to waste time and discredit ourselves. We’re better than this — we’re about our country, and about taking him to task about his policies.”

Stop and think about that "trap" strategy, Mr. Rove. The president of the United States sets a trap to lead people to think that its quite possible the man who occupies the White House is not eligible under the US Constitution? Have I got that right?

Mr. Rove, do you think this is the kind of political game one thinks up in the middle of the night? And perpetrates on his citizens for political purposes? What does that say of the game player, the trap setter? The man with the nuclear codes, who can send your son and daughter to be killed in war?

Mr. Rove, do you think this has repercussions across our nation and overseas? Do you think that little game you claim Obama is playing instills confidence in Americans, or assures overseas countries that our government or our Constitution is in trusted hands? Consider the ramifications of the mere appearance that the man with his hands on the nuclear button is not legally the US president.

How about those countries that depend on us for protection. Do they think we're all on stable ground if there's a question that the guy in the White House is there illegally? That his presence there blatantly defies our own


How about the people we owe money to? Do countries that trade with us or lend us money have confidence our country is secure?

This uncertainty about Obama is causing destabilization across the globe. Just the appearance that Obama isn't eligible coupled with evidence of what he's done over the last two years -- blowing our money, his anti-American policies -- begs the question: Just who the hell IS this guy Obama? What is it he has spent some $2 million dollars in legal fees to prevent his "fellow Americans" from knowing?

Mr. Rove, you're telling the American public and the world that we're not to question the mystery man with his finger on the nuclear trigger?

A "trap"?

If it was such a brilliantly laid trap to entrap and vanquish his political enemies, why didn't Obama spring it last October when he could have saved his House majority, ensuring his power and momentum in a landslide of such proportion that it would have put the Republicans in the minority for untold future election cycles? Who was asleep at the switch last October? An air traffic controller? Or a napping Joe Biden?

Here's what I think, Mr. Rove: I -- and others -- think you can't possibly be that stupid.

We are insisting that this critical matter must be resolved, straightened out. By Congress. A brave and honest man spends six months in Leavenworth Federal Prison as a political hostage because Obama diddles us with a "trap"?

I think YOU think we're stupid, an assumption you've used to your political advantage for some time. I'll give you this -- there's likely been no reason for you to have thought otherwise, given the lack of attention we've paid in the past to your machinations. But now we ARE paying attention. We've stopped "shopping at the mall" and we're doing our homework. And we know that what you're spouting makes no logical sense. At all. Unless...

Mr. Rove, you went to college didn't you? Surely you can't possibly be that obtuse.
Andrea, Karl Rove dropped out of college in 1971. He had a $1,000.00 scholarship to the University of Utah. as a political science major and joined the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. Through the University's Hinckley Institute of Politics, he got an internship with the Utah Republican Party. That position, and contacts from the 1968 Bennett campaign, helped him land a job in 1970 on Ralph Tyler Smith's unsuccessful re-election campaign for Senate from Illinois against Democrat Adlai E. Stevenson III. BE
A simple question for you Mr. Rove: your previous employer, George Walker Bush was born in 1946 at the Yale

New Haven Hospital, 20 York St., New Haven CT. You can't tell us with any certainty and proof exactly where

Obama was born. No one can except Obama himself.
And consider this fact, which really does make the notion of the birth certificate irrelevant: His legitimacy as US President does NOT square with the Constitution Article 2, Section 1, part 5 - Obama's father was not an American citizen. Obama is not a "natural born citizen." Cased closed, Mr. Rove. Or when did you stop adhering to the Constitution?

As one reader commented, "Why do we bother focussing on "where" Obama was born? His father was a foreign national - not a US citizen. End of game. Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen according to Article II, Section I of the US Constitution. To say nothing of the investigative findings of Obama's fraudulent use of a Social Security Number assigned in 1977 to a Connecticut man who was born in the year 1890. I believe the Left is stoking the flame of the Birth Certificate mystery, and that Obama continues to hide it as an effective diversion to keep us hyper-focused upon it and AWAY from the obvious disqualifying factor, which is that he cannot be a NBC."

Mr. Rove, answer this: What kind of man who occupies the presidency of the United States would play hide and seek with his birth certificate, academic and passport records, medical and political records, his associations and associates, and other suspect aspects of his life knowing that this game has cost a decorated military officer and flight surgeon his freedom and his career?

If Obama is doing this as a political ploy to as you say, have us "waste our time and discredit ourselves", doesn't that point to the criminality of the man? If I follow your logic, Obama should be handcuffed, led out of the White House and charged as a usurper criminal.
Andrea, Maybe this will help you understand why Rove doesn't sees this as a side issue.
In the fall of 1970, Rove used a false identity to enter the campaign office of Democrat Alan J. Dixon, who was running for Treasurer of Illinois. He stole 1000 sheets of paper with campaign letterhead, printed fake campaign rally fliers promising "free beer, free food, girls and a good time for nothing", and distributed them at rock concerts and homeless shelters, with the effect of disrupting Dixon's rally. (Dixon eventually won the election). Rove's role would not become publicly known until August 1973. Rove told the Dallas Morning News in 1999, "It was a youthful prank at the age of 19 and I regret it."[13] In his memoir, Rove wrote that when he was later nominated to the Board for International Broadcasting by President George H.W. Bush, Senator Dixon did not kill his nomination. In Rove's account, "Dixon displayed more grace than I had shown and kindly excused this youthful prank."[14]  BE
Mr. Rove, are you that blinded by your lust for power and aggrandizement that you don't see that? Unless...
You know what I think, Mr. Rove?
I think you are a subversive and a power monger. You are a liar, sir, a man who long ago sold his soul for self-interest, and who is capable of and will do anything to retain and maintain his access and influence inside the stink that is Washington, DC. You wallow in puffed up hubris when the talking heads refer to you as "The


You've had a good run, and you're not about to relinquish it come hell, high water, or violation of the Constitution and the faith Americans have in your integrity. You're seeing players coming out of left field who threaten your political fiefdom, and you lie and deceive to protect it.

You sir, are disgusting. You are the epitome of everything that is wrong in our nation. You are trying to save the one-party system, a front line foot soldier trying to stop the bleeding.

Your credibility is gone, Mr. Rove, along with that of many of your friends in the entrenched GOP establishment. We the people are getting wise, and we want real change. Not the crap you're selling.

Whether or not it is too late to pry you and your ilk out of the halls of Congress, along with the high priced lobbyists you consort with and the propagandist media you crawl into bed with, remains to be seen.

But we're in there pitching, Mr. Rove, and if we need to use a carnival barker like Donald Trump to call you out, we're all for it. We say, "Bring it".

We have a communist in the White House who has installed his Marxist-Communist helpers, and you have the audacity to smack down Trump when he points it out with clarity? You are a weak, mewling creature. Oh you'll show bravado when you take on the truth tellers, but when it comes to those who are destroying our country, where is your voice? Where is your influence? Where is your power?

Your words are nothing more than flatulence.

Your days in the halls of power are coming to an end Mr. Rove, and you fear that more than any communist usurper in the White House. It's why you and Krauthammer and the other "beltway boys" are in overdrive to destroy Trump for his efforts to unearth the awful, horrible truth. Hell, you and the rest of the entrenched GOP establishment are scared to death we'll discover your complicity in burying the dead bodies.

We the people are wising up to you. Unlike 2008, we will NOT buy into who YOU say is a suitable "candidate" for 2012. Au contraire. We will tell YOU. You can take your Mannequin Mitt, and Tepid T-Paw, and whoever else Krauthammer has handicapped on his race card, and tuck them up your lily white fannies.

Your bellicose and desperate blatherings bring to mind William F. Buckley's non sequitor:

"I won't insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said."

. . . . .