Saturday, April 23, 2011

Obama without Teleprompter
Obama thinks the mike is off.. So much trying to get along with
the Republicans...Bashing...Bashing...
I have been waiting to post this piss-ant edited video of Obama's open mike blunder WITHOUT A TELEPROMPTER to tell him what to say...I've waited for CBS to belly up to the bar with big boys and show they have the cojones to "tell like it is" and let the public see what the President really thinks of our country when he thinks public won't find out. Not happening, CBS has shown it's true colors and it's not red, white and blue. By protecting the POTUS it's more like red and yellow. From reports at the scene the POTUS referred to Americans as "SLUGS" and several choice words in referring to Congress Republicans.
So much for the most the main street media or should I say bought street media?
Rumors are CBS are wussies and are afraid they will lose access to the White House, so to hell with the public.
It’s Moment-of-Truth-Time, MSM. Are you going to live up to your own rules, or are some expectations less equal than others?
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