Thursday, April 7, 2011

I received this press release not from the Arizona GOP but it was forwarded to me by someone else. As a registered Republican, I expect to be kept informed. The newly Elected Chairman has a employment history in law enforcement and may not be aware of the nuances of keeping a membership informed. Therefore it is extremely important to surround yourself with experienced professionals in every department. Thayer Verschoor a former state senator and a very nice person however, he does not have the experience to be the "Communication Director". A professional communication director/public relations knows you never send a "Press Release" in word perfect. Always a PDF form word perfect can be embellished as I am going to demonstrate in the added spoof. This is show and tell time...Who would know? No I'm not the devil's wife or significant other, but he made me do this.

Chairman – Tom Morrissey
3501 N. 24th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85016
April 4, 2011
For immediate release
Thayer Verschoor
Communications Director
 AZ GOP Chairman Responds to Obama Presidential Bid
Arizona Republican Chairman Tom Morrissey today said, “Congressman Ben Quayle was right when he said Obama is the worst President ever. In the first 26 months of the Obama Administration, retail gas prices have doubled, food prices have risen 30% (the highest since Jimmy Carter), the national debt has increased by more than 40%, and foreclosures and unemployment are running at historic highs.” “Obama has spent about $500 million in his ‘humanitarian’ bombing of Gadhafi while ignoring the human carnage of civilian deaths in Mexico. He is deploying American Marines around the world to secure foreign borders while refusing to secure Arizona's border with Mexico to protect American citizens from international terrorists, as well as the ruthless criminal acts of drug and human smuggling cartels. America cannot withstand another two years of Obama's feckless policies let alone the specter of another term of an Obama Administration,” Morrissey concluded.
SPOOF STARTS......This is show and tell time....what can happen without professionals....
As chairman I taking this opportunity to make an addition to my press release on President Obama. We have made an executive decision to add a new department to the Arizona GOP. You are the first to know. This new department will aid us in giving those who have been convicted of a minor misdemeanor an opportunity to work at GOP headquarters. We have now added community service to our family values platform. The department of:
We will strive to use our community service department of flexi-conservatism to provide information and awareness for educational purposes on issues the GOP faces today.
To tell the truth...Or learn to lie better than Democrats...To COA/CYA at all times. Primary goal is to raise contributions...
Acceptance of gifts:
To be overseen by a Fiesta Bowl Committee Member, Rules for elected officials on when, who and what type of gifts are acceptable and from whom...
Sex Encounters:
Instructor for this class will be put out for bid. How to flash and not get caught. When it's opportune to send suggestive emails. What is it considered sexual harassment...
Marriage Counseling:
The chairman will teach this class...
DUI, Sex offender, domestic violence, animal abuse, minor drug abuses, any other charge that may be a violation by an elected official without media scrutiny. With instruction on how to deal with the press once you have been reported. Thanks very much and your input is always welcome.