Monday, April 4, 2011

Ya gotta know when to hold and when to fold em..
Boys it's time to fold em..

Arizona Republicans had been holding a winning hand at the state level until the Fiesta Bowl scandal reared its ugly head..Well it's going to get uglier the state GOP has also stepped in a pile a caca.
Let's start with the election of Tom Morrissey as GOP Chairman, my sources confided in me that he was nominated from the floor by a person that was not a State Committeeman nor a Precinct Committeeman. A point of order was called at this time and it wasn't addressed according to the state GOP bylaws and the nomination stood. The state minutes have been sent and the point of order is not included in the minutes. He won by one vote and there may have been a little hanky panky going on.  Suggestion resign quietly and let the second place candidate take over the duties on the GOP. The GOP espouses to be the party of family values, well a person arrested for indecent exposure certainly doesn't make a good poster person for family values. Along with hiring Mark Spinks and the ensuring Fiesta Bowl Scandal plus the Arizona Liberty Project that can be seen as definite conflict of interest it's time to have an experienced business person at the helm.

The Arizona GOP Communications director Thayer Verschoor is now involved in the Fiesta Bowl scandal. It seems when he was a state legislator he was privy to Fiesta perks. Press release by Democrat Chairman.  Arizona Republic.

Arizona GOP chairman Tom Morrissey hired Mark Spinks who was arrested for indecent exposure.

It seems Mark Spinks according to the Arizona Corporation Commission Is the which was formed in January 2011.

File Number: L-1656072-9

According to sources within the GOP Teresa Martinez who along with Spinks is employed by the GOP at a $1,000 a month is also in cahoots with Spinks at Arizona Liberty Project.

From their web site I gleaned their mission is fundraising. From their web site.
Vision and Mission
The Arizona Liberty Project exist to promote Freedom through Accountability, and Liberty through Action.
We know these truths through experience:
One individual can make a difference.
Every individual can make a difference. Making a difference begins by making a choice.
We seek to inspire, motivate, and empower individuals to make that choice, and to provide them with the information and tools to make a difference--in their communities and in their nation. We will accomplish this through direct engagement and education.
To Champion the conservative cause.
We will provide a catalyst for individuals and organizations across Arizona to work in unison supporting conservative candidates and initiatives at all levels.
To promote and work toward a smaller, more efficient government that works within its Constitutional authority.
We will emphasize concrete workable solutions in:
Tax Reform
Lawsuit Reform
Entitlement Reform
To raise the awareness and involvement of the people.
We will offer information and tools for people to take an active role in government, so that America truly remains a nation of the self-governed.
To engage the community through events, fundraisers and education.
We will operate both in our own and in cooperation with other conservative grassroots organizations. Because working together makes us all stronger, we will offer opportunities for organizations to collaborate with one another on positive, uplifting community events and projects as they choose.
All of the vision and mission statement sound wonderful however the GOP shouldn't promoting cronyism. This little venture reeks of it. #BE