Sunday, April 3, 2011


Sunday April 3, 2011
Saturday I spoke with Thayer Verschoor the Communications Director for the Arizona GOP and was assurred the "What's in the GOP Drinking Water" Posted on March 19,2011 on tainted drinking water had been remediated. He stated that he was not going to be working through Joy Communication. that he was going to do a contract with the GOP for his services. Joy Communication will no longer be paying him. He is taking the suggestion that I sent to the Maricopa County Chairman.

The AzGOP could have just as easily done a contract with Thayer for consulting work to act as PR guy without going through Joy. The excuse they are avoiding paying taxes/benefits is a weak one, at best. The IRS FORM 1099 MISC type could easily be done with Thayer. In Arizona, Public Relations firms are not required have a business licenses or have any sales tax. That excuse in the letter is weak one. Thayer could easily subcontract as "Thayer Comm" (as an example) for any special work, such as website, etc., which is probably what Joy Comm will do anyway for stuff they don't have in house.

Be confident dear readers that I will continue to follow up on this matter. #BE